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Packing light for travel- Reasons & Tips

Ended up paying exorbitant prices at the airport for over luggage or struggling with the bags while commuting to place of accommodation upon arrival to a new destination are few named issues that arise if you are not practical while packing. “Travel light” is an age-old motto when it comes to traveling be it long or short duration travel. It is the most comfortable approach while traveling to commute hands-free. With minimal luggage also gives some space left to carry back souvenirs of memories from your trip Isn’t it worth it? In short pack efficiently with bare essentials to travel worry-free irrespective of the mode of travel.

Let look into the why’s and how’s of packing light for your next trip


Reasons, why to packing light for travel, are:

  • Avoid wasting time near the baggage claim conveyer belt waiting to get your bags. It has been surveyed that ideally, a person spends around 45 minutes after arrival for baggage claim- it can be eliminated with little effective packing and lesser bags.
  • Nowadays airlines have come with greater restrictions regarding the weight and size of the bags making it a compulsory act to carry as much as you can in lesser luggage space.
  • Always remember sometimes we over-pack without even realizing the fact that not necessarily we will end up wearing all the outfits, why not do some energy savings and pack the essentials only.
  • Brings in a sense of worry-free travel
  • Coverts your wardrobe into a smarter one as you would look for alternatives to keep it short and simple be it accessories or clothing
  • Your feet and back get the relaxation they require


Here I shall jot down some tips to assist one to travel light yet effectively

  • Last minutes can be tricky:

Always remember to pack your luggage way ahead of your travel dates. As last-minute packing tends one to rush and hence you do less thinking and putting effort and end up heavy over-packed bags.

  • Right luggage is the key:

Even if it takes a while, always pick the perfect luggage in which one can put the right amount in the right way. A duffle bag with wheels without compartments gives flexibility for what to carry or a suitcase with extendable compartment rather than plastic cover to fit in more.

  • Replace “just in case” with “must have”

We can a tendency to carry a lot of outfits which we may not wear on the trip or carry items which are readily available at your destination of travel, thereby increasing your luggage. There is a golden rule to follow i.e. ask yourself whether the item falls under the category of “must have” or “just in case” and accordingly pack.

  • Create checklists:

Organise your bare essentials, travel documents or any other person required stuff by the creation of checklist to make sure not to miss out anything important in the pretext of traveling light.

  • Toiletries are readily available:

Every place of stay one avails during their trip comes with the availability of toiletries, hence carrying the same is a simple wastage of space.

  • A Little bit of space equals a lot of personal stuff:

Do make sure to understand the importance of even a little bit of space left in your luggage while attempting to pack light. Be it rolling up your clothes or keeping light stuff to the last, so it can be stuffed in small spaces of your luggage so that you pack light but right.

  • Stick to neutrality:

Be it your apparels or shoes, always ensure to carry neutral colours, hence reducing the need to carry many of them.

With little understanding of why to pack light and above tips to help you pack light yet right for your next trip. Even though these are no hard-bound rules, yet sticking to them can help in an efficient packing of your luggage. Use these above tips and test for yourself whether it helps or not.


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