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Yogic Suksma Vyayama Intensive Program – February 2019

ogic Suksma Vyayama Intensive Program

Yoga maintains that a healthy body is essential for mental & spiritual development. According to science, there’s an astral body besides the physical body, and the entire set of Yogic exercises, the Asanas & Pranayama, give full control over both – the essential requirement for Spiritual development.
When: February 08 – 22, 2019

What: YSV Intensive program to include Yogic Suksma Vyayam ,Yogic Sthula Vyayama, Nabhi Chakra, Sat-karma & Bhava-suddhi

Where: Studio #1, New Delhi, India

Investment: USD 2200, inclusive of 3-meals. Accommodation can be arranged at nominal charges.

“You would be provided Training Certificate”

Our promise is to provide you with the highest quality of traditional Hatha Yoga, to achieve immense benefit & highest degree of effectiveness.

EARLY BIRD take 15% OFF by September 30, 2018!
A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to secure your place. Balance is not due til 45 days before the program.
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