Things to consider while selecting the Perfect Place for Your Outdoor Business Meeting

Planning a meeting means you have to make a lot of decisions and this includes picking an appropriate meeting venue and hotel, thereby selecting the perfect beverage offerings, food, sourcing proper transportation services and hiring best speakers. However, nothing can beat the fact that choosing the right destination for your meeting is important. There are many cities to pick and the aim is that it should suit your group. Here are things to consider that may help you and be fun:

Figure out what matters

It is very important to figure out your attendees priorities. Are they craving for gourmet restaurants or will be convinced with cheaper meal options. Do they mind being shuttled or consider nearby venue. Do they concentrate on mainstream attractions or culture, will traveling long distances be a problem or meeting in a regional destination is appealing. You have to get a clear picture of the preferences and tastes of your attendees, while noting down the options.

Suitability of the destination

Pre-qualifying the cities is a must to know if the group would suit in that venue for meeting.  For instance, is there the physical space required such as enough hotel rooms and footage space in the convention center? Would you prefer the group gets enough attention or are satisfied being in a larger destination as a small fish.

Getting in and around

Ensure to evaluate the access features in the city and also the airlift capabilities, relating your attendees from the place they are coming. Are there direct or non-stop flights, consider the costs of transportation required to spend money to reach from place to place. Concentrating on walkable destinations is important. Narrow your search down to cities that have convention facilities, hotels, restaurants and amenities to be concentrated.


Hotel infrastructure

Many destinations boast of offering great infrastructure and meetings products but they are of no use if it fails to fit for your attendees. Thus, understanding the spaces is important. Check the meeting spaces proximity from the guest rooms, the convention space layout, is there walkways connecting them, think where the group met or stayed their choice, compare and decide.

Destination features

Find if the destination features offer fun, unique and interesting amenities outside the meeting venue, does it include outdoor activities, restaurants, entertainment and culture. Is everything located conveniently and is the city worth exploring on foot, safe in the evening hours.

Is it worth spending?

Understanding the meeting holding cost and overall value of that destination is important.  Is it better to consider some affordable city that will have less numbers in attendance and cost less?  Are your attendees price-sensitive and shy from expensive places. Is the ROI worth spending on the destination? In fact, if the attendance is hardly with 2000 on average, consider a tier-two city. Also, remember consider affordability does not mean to cheap places.

Ask for right questions before planning to select a perfect destination for your meeting. It will help you in analysing the importance of your attendees. Invest in time, resources and energy to ensure the success of entire process.

This is a guest post by Tia Johns, she writes for Destinos India. If you would like to write an article for our blog please visit the Guest Writers page.

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