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Kick the Crappy Thoughts

So often, my mind tells me that I’m crap, idiotic, awful, failure, I am unworthy…

Never mind :), every time my mind creates such thoughts, I kick them off.

I don’t find them annoying or abnormal anymore as everyone has ego to some or greater extend. And I believe that they are not true to realism.

How do I deal with such thoughts? How do I kick them off???

Here is my simple checklist for maintaining my Inner Peace:

– I let go of what my friends, parents, colleagues or society think of me — I m not what others think I am. I am what I think I am.

– I let go of how I thought my life “should” have turned out

-I let go of the need to be slim, rich, successful, popular — In short “Need to be Perfect” to feel confident- I am already perfect as I am.

– I let go of need to be super-strong and available to resolve all the problems of the world

– I let go of need to have people around me to make me feel worthy and proud of myself.

– I let go of need to appear normal — as each one of us have our own weird yet own unique way of being.

– I allow myself to be OK — just the way I am.

These unworthy thoughts are created by a part of the mind that observes reality, not reality itself. I m sure many other people come across such “pulling back” thoughts, and each one of us has a different way of dealing with them. Please do share your ideas and methods to handle such thoughts.

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