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Charu lata, St. Valentine month born girl, who adores anything related to Love. Initial years of her life are she spent in typical middle class upbringing, where emphasis was on education and family values. Being frugal, and environment conscious became second nature. Charu didn’t realize it then, her family was always zero waste, less carbon foot print kind of a family. Then she grew up, started turning rebellious, more ambitious than her ground would allow. She dabbled in English literature, Architecture and studied Business Management. 2K happened the same year she was entering job market.

And the journey begins…

Read her story in her own words- Un-altered, Un-adulterated, Un-edited. 

I have a habit of falling in love little bit too quickly, be it anything – coffee, subject, people. However, its not that easy that I fall out – in fact, in most cases I’m thrown out! So, while pursuing post graduation, I fell in love with International Marketing as specialization due to the cultural exposure it offered and would have provided opportunities for me to travel around the world. However, the weak job market forced me to look for other avenues and I ended up with short stints in three different companies in a span of 1.5 years, plus a sabbatical of 3-months! During this period, I picked up small business consulting assignment with an ambitious outsourcing firm.

Long hours followed, which eventually paid off in firm growing 10 times in 15 months, not just in revenue but also team size. There were many learning, biggest being people management as team was young and so was the management. I moved on thinking that I need some time off, but destiny had other plans.

Clients came looking for me, pushing to start own Internet Marketing Consulting firm,, right from my bedroom. I was humbled with the faith they showed in my skills and as a person. With the increase in workload and support of my parents, I extended my room-office to the balcony hiring two resources! I was happy, a successful entrepreneur, working with International clients. World was my market, and I had fallen in love with Digital world – the challenges, respect & financial support it offered.

“Once you decide to choose career accordingly to your lifestyle, rather working on your lifestyle around career, passion is prioritized in the right spirit. “ – Charu Lata

I always charged Fair price for my services, so should you. Understand and accept who you are, work around your strengths.

Fast forward a decade, a corner office in the city’s central commercial location, an experienced team, business process in place – I had everything going for me professionally. Work life balance, though not a myth, was missing. I was still dreaming about traveling, living close to nature amidst practicing Yoga, investing in courses that would fulfill my need to know myself.

When everyone felt that I have a stable professional front, my biggest client told me that our services are no longer required. It’s a management decision. We needed to layoff 90% of team in order to sustain – I decided to exit the business.

Opening of Heart

I always say that there are No Rights & Wrongs. It’s a decision you took in that moment which felt just right. I was finally getting a chance to cut all chords and reconnect with myself. This wasn’t easy as taking a career break with zero technical skills as assurance of employability made some close ones panic. There were some long discussions, financial planning, however, decision was made and I went to Bali for two months for learning & practicing Yoga. For some life lessons.

Since then, life hasn’t been bed of roses, I have faced some real challenges however, I have emerged stronger while handling situations. I have stopped reading newspapers, watching television- by choice, so that I can protect my sanity by being ignorant. We all need to keep negativity at bay so as to be able to engage more constructively with the issues that I care about.

Recently, there’s a research that says Equality, Gender gap, will have another 200 years of wait! Let not chatter all around stop the wonderful souls from doing their bit – first for themselves, then family so that society gets best version of YOU!

Taking one step at time, navigating the waters & crocodiles & snakes, I envision that my not-for-profit organization, YUJ Spiritual Foundation, will spread awareness on adverse effects of anxiety & stress. YUJ is supported by an advisory board of like-minded souls, and mentored by the most humble, knowledgeable and experienced traditional Hatha Yoga Guru.

You are invited to lower your day-to-day stress & anxiety in the safe environment of our boutique Yoga Studio #1.

This is how Charu Lata has Dared to drop her financially stable role of CXO , to experience the fulfillment of her passion and the joy of helping people to attain mind-body wellness.

If you think, you have some done something inspiring, do let us know! We would love to share you story with our readers.

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