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Tips on Paying Off a Big Loan
Business & Finance Finance

5 Pro Tips on Paying Off a Big Loan

A big loan can be disheartening, especially if you have to adjust your finances on a large scale. Many borrowers have even escaped from their loan responsibilities, thus leading to bigger penalties and harder financial situations. If you have…

5 Spectacular River Cruises in India

5 Spectacular River Cruises in India

  My favourite type of holiday is one where I can be one with nature. I do not like jostling with crowds, vying for the same vantage viewpoints, to click that ‘precious’ selfie. When I want a relaxing break,…

Why should you create a Checklist?
Life Hacks

Why you need to create an epic after moving Checklist ?

Moving is a complex process which requires thorough planning, good organizational skills, and yes, checklists. However, moving doesn’t end with moving in. It is just the beginning of a new process called adjustment, and it may take some time…