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Heartbeats – Not Always Romantic

Heartbeats - Not Always Romantic

Very romantic, huh? These come in various sizes and forms, as well as hold different meanings in varied situations. An expectant mother is ecstatic when she and her partner, whenever around, hears the tiny heart beating through old fashioned stethoscope. Lovers dramatize their passion for each other by keeping head on partner’s bosom, pretending to deep dive. Family and friends are concerned when heart suddenly stops beating of their loved one, particularly if no-will has been left!
This taken-for-granted heartbeat takes super special significance during psychological crisis.

We all know need to keep calm, display our emotional maturity when situation is out-of-control. If someone hasn’t watched movie “Sully”, I highly recommend. Or closer home in Indian cinema, movie “Neerja”, where protagonist has shown the world the value of keeping calm.

Manage Your Heartbeats

You can learn Heartbeat Management through the practice of Meditation. Yes, “Heartbeat Management” is our achievement. When your heartbeat increases, face turns red, the colour you wouldn’t wish to show up displaying your weakness, anxiety or anger!
Remember to practice Meditation regularly, beginning with 5-minutes a day to 30-minutes. You can introduce in your existent schedule as it is easy to make something part of what you are doing rather than take time out!

Now the practice of Meditation begins!

Sea of Oms

This is a Guest post by Charu Lata who is the founder of She is a Spiritual and yoga practitioner carrying lifelong passion for Holistic Healing.

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