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Moving out of the city to the village

Moving out from the city to the village

Inhabitants of big cities, metropolises especially, tired of harsh mode of everyday life, oftentimes think about moving out the city to a village where the life is calm and peaceful.

There are many reasons why people move, let us see the main ones:

  1. Being tired of harsh urban life.
  2. Bad ecology.
  3. No desire to spend half of life sitting in traffic.
  4. Imposed by society life values, which are difficult not to correspond to.
  5. A desire to get rid of financial problems.
  6. A desire to get rid of problems connected with an office job.
  7. Tiredness of living in the “stoned jungles”.
  8. Availability of such a moving out because of a flat in the city to be always more expensive than a house in the village.


And so on. The list may be continued. Every person is able to add some more reasons why. A desire to move out the city and live in the village, to garden is totally natural. As long as many are sick and tired of sleepless nights thinking of unsolved problems at work, are tired of having arguments with neighbors across the landing because of loud music in the middle of the night, tired of fighting for a space in the parking lot. In addition, life in the city imposes “rush of wallets” – a friend has a better car, a girlfriend has a mink coat. To go out and get some fresh air happens not that often and what a real tomato smells like is hard to remember…

Moving out the city to the village

A person gets tire of these thoughts and problems. This is the time when people start thinking about changing life moving out the city to the village.

Advantages of moving to the village

  1. A house of one`s own
  2. A land of one`s own
  3. Fresh air
  4. Confidence in the future. When you garden on your own, one should not follow the dollar and to follow economic situation in the country.
  5. Peace of mind. No headache of thoughts about work.
  6. One is able to spend more time with a family.
  7. Healthy way of life if not to drink too much of alcohol.

Disadvantages of moving to the village

  1. It is very hard to find additional source of income
  2. Late autumn, winter and forward spring is the time when there is nothing to do because there is no need to keep an eye on the harvest.
  3. Backbreaking labor far from every city inhabitant has an idea of. To plant, to raise, to water, to dig out, to milk, take care are far from all the things you are about to do.

If you are still up to moving to the village, read the following tips:

  1. Do not burn your bridges behind you! It might be not your cup of tea. It is very easy to move out the city to the village. You put your apartment for sale but when you decide on coming back, it is going to be not that easy.
  2. Live in the village for at least a year in order to have clearer image about life apart from civilization.
  3. COMPULSORY! Think about additional sources of income. It is impossible to live eating same products. There is always a need in household chemicals, household appliance, gasoline and just simply something new.


I was living in the city for all my life but have always wanted to live somewhere quiet so there was nature, birds singing and no sitting in the traffic. My dream came true recently. I moved to Queniborough and have no regrets. I surely miss my friends but they come over to see me let alone I visit them now and then when I have time. Besides if you are going to have a family, good ecology matters.

This is a guest post by Melisa Marzett. Melisa is currently working for sky custom essay writing assistance. She is a devoted person who enjoys the process of writing very much. She wanted to become a writer since early childhood and she is happy to present with her pieces now when she is a grown up and has a chance to be published in blogs and for websites of other people who make the world more interesting with their sites.

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