A Note of Gratitude


Behind every successful venture, there’s a support of many people. A dream becomes reality with the help of supporting hands behind the screen. The same holds true for GetSetHappy. I would love to write a small note of gratitude for all those who have been a part of my journey of bringing GSH into existence.

Sapna Nenwani – Sister, Motivator, Critic and investor ;), who believed in me.

Dhruv Nenwani – A Techie Brother who always ensures that nothing goes wrong with GetSetHappy and my personal website Jaishree Nenwani. He is a fantastic software developer. Know more about him —> Dhruv Nenwani

Rahul Verma – (Co-founder@ www.incedia.com) My Tech buddy, who helped me in creating GSH right from choosing the theme till the finishing of it.

Team Amax – Another group of Tech buddies.

AmarPreet Singh (Founder @ Amax), Rajni Kaur (Project Manager @ Amax), Gurpreet Singh (Promotions Head @ Amax)- They looked at every minor detail of GSH to make it worth reading.

Charu Lata – (Initiator at Yuj.Club), – A yoga expert, Life and Mindfulness coach, A Friend, A mentor, A Proofreader, who introduced to what writing is all about.

Not to forget- All the readers of GSH, without them A Blog, A Magazine is nothing. I am thankful to each and every one of you for being an active supporter, contributor, or reader at GetSetHappy. 🙂

Love & Gratitude