Join the #Getsethappy Gang of Enthusiasts and contribute to the blog!

Interested in contributing your work? Here is what I am looking for:

I’d like to have writers who have really found their voice. The posts, I have in mind are magazine style and are interesting, conversational and easy to read. Humour or Wit are always a plus! 😊

In the guest post, I link to the website and social networks of the author on every story that is published on GSH, helping to grow your following and connecting you with my audience.

If you represent a brand/Marketing Company or submitting a post specifically for promoting a brand or a business, and want to include links to business websites, please email me to discuss before submitting your content. 

Get Set Happy do accepts sponsored posts, promote your brand, product or business, or write a genuine review for your products. Please feel free to email me, for more details on collaborations.

I ll be happy to associate with you 🙂