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Try these Lip-Smashing Street Foods in Delhi

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Delhi – a city of foodies and shopaholics. A place of that offers variety of street food. Here is a quick list of some of the mouth-watering, irresistible, Lip-Smashing street foods of Delhi that you must try, when in the city.


Where do I get Kababs in Delhi

Kababs in Delhi


Thanks to Mughals who introduced the concept of kababs to us and a bigger thanks to Delhites who added new flavour to it. These grilled chunks of meat or fish marinated in aromatic Indian spices are just marvelous. Kababs, as the name suggest is a non-vegetarian dish, but on the streets of Delhi, you will also find vegetarian kababs.  Those who do not eat non veg can try “Soya kababs”, which are from soya beans.  Connaught place, Sufdarjung Development area, Jama Masjid, Khan Market, Rajouri Garden or Tilak Nagar are some of the best places to enjoy the extensive range of kababs (By the way, these are some of the best shopping places in Delhi Too ;)).  Delhites are more innovative than one can think. Aren’t they?


Chhole Bhature In Delhi

Chhole Bhature In Delhi

Chole Bhature

Whenever people plan to travel to Delhi, they usually keep Chole Bhature in their bucket list.

Taken from the cuisines of Punjab, Chole Bhature has become a primary food of Delhi. This dish is most often served in Breakfast however at most of the places, one can find it in lunch menu too. Karol Bagh, Paharganj, Bangali market, Tilak Nagar or Kamla Nagar; although, this dish is available everywhere in the city. To add more flavour to Chole bhature, one can club it with a big glass of Lassi (Butter Milk).


Gol Gappa In Delhi

Gol Gappa In Delhi


Gol-Gappas are found everywhere in India with different names and tastes- Pani-puri in Mumbai, Puchka in Kolkatta and Patashi in Rajsathan. But the flavor that is found on the streets of Delhi is extra spicy, tangy and as you approach the stall of Gol-gappa wala you mouth already starts watering. You can also try it different varieties of flavored waters.  Don’t forget to ask for that extra piece of dry papdi to ease your heated tongue after eating Gol-gappas.


Chaat In Delhi

Delhi Ki Chaat


Although one can easily locate Chaat stalls all around the streets of Delhi, but Chandni Chowk and UPSC building are the best place to try it out. Other than, Chaat there are plenty of other options of street food at both these places. Other places where this mouth-watering dish can be tried out are Rajouri Garden and Karol Bagh.


Parantha in Paranthe wali gali

Parantha in Delhi


Paranthas served with Pickle or Buttermilk can satisfy your hunger and tongue both. These paranthas are usually available in stuffing of potatoes, onion or cauliflower, at some places you can also find paranthas stuffed with eggs. Mostly these are cooking using good amount of Ghee or oil or butter therefore are heavy and rich in calories. Never mind, the taste is so irresistible that we can sometimes cheat on calories for that. Try them out at Moolchand flyover and Parantha Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk. I bet you with not regret trying it out at least once.


The Delightful Kulfi in Delhi

The Delightful Kulfi


Delhi street food is not all about spicy food. It also have sweets to ease your tongue. Try the famous sweet Dish of Delhi- Kulfi. It is a frozen dairy dessert made with caramelized milk served with crumbled dried fruit and dipped into Rabri. Kulfi can found at every small or popular eating joint, all over the city. Most popular place for eating Kulfi is the Roshan di Kulfi. Roshan the kulfi has set the standard for the all the restaurants in Delhi.

For all those who are hygiene conscious people, all these streets foods are available at nice places like Haldiram, Bikaner wala, Nathu Sweets, Om Sweets OR other similar places.

Now that you know some of the most famous street foods of Delhi, it is time to head out and appease your taste buds.

Try these Lip-Smashing Street Foods in Delhi

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