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9 Immunity booster Herbs from the shelf of your kitchen

9 Immunity booster Herbs from the shelf of your kitchen

The transition from wet monsoons to cold winters can be unpleasant. Moreover, amid a pandemic, it can create an environment of chaos. People all across the globe are already battling mental stress due to loss of jobs, isolation, and work from home pressures. All these factors together can lead to lower immunity levels. However, rather than drowning yourself in negative emotions, you should try to boost your physical as well as mental well-being. Throughout the year, it is essential to practice healthy habits like exercising, eating healthy, avoiding smoking & consuming alcohol, among others. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you to develop a strong immune system against the pandemic, the changing weather conditions, and other external circumstances. Read on to find some of the fundamental immunity-boosting herbs that are commonly available on your kitchen shelf.

9 Immunity booster Herbs from the shelf of your kitchen


improve your immunity
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Honey has been a part of your kitchen shelf since the Vedic ages. The medicinal and nutritional properties of honey help in the treatment of cough, cold, allergies, sleep disorders, and many more. This demulcent agent contains natural healing traits that help in developing a strong immune system. Every morning consume 1 teaspoon of honey to improve your immunity and also to maintain a healthy digestive system.


9 Immunity booster Herbs from the shelf of your kitchen
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The curcumin compounds in turmeric help in fighting inflammation in the body. It is a natural analgesic and antiseptic herb that relieves pain and heals wounds rapidly. The antibacterial traits of turmeric keep diseases & infections away. For instance, skin infections, arthritis, common cold, joint pains, and others. Consume small doses of turmeric every day either by mixing in your food or by mixing in warm water. 


9 Immunity booster Herbs from the shelf of your kitchen
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The antihistamine properties of ginger are effective in resisting allergies. Well, not only this, but it is a natural decongestant that will protect you from throat infections. Your favorite adrak wali chai will help you in saying bye-bye to cough & cold in just a few days. This natural immunity booster is an efficient food for increasing immunity and also for providing relief from digestive issues. 


9 Immunity booster Herbs from the shelf of your kitchen
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Several health experts suggest consuming garlic regularly, as it helps in boosting a protected cell function. Garlic is known to be an efficient food for increasing immunity for people who often feel stressed. It helps in limiting the production of stress-causing hormones. Moreover, The antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral features of garlic can help in fighting several disease-causing germs.

Curd is a natural gut enhancer thereby boosting your immune system. Including probiotics like curd can prove to be quite beneficial. This potent herb can effectively help in the building of good bacteria in your intestines. Furthermore, the good bacteria enriches our immune system and keeps us healthy. You can consume curd daily after keeping it for a while at room temperature.

Black Pepper

Boost your immunity
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Popularly known as kali mirch, is enriched with vitamin C. The antibacterial properties of this spicy herb keep the germs at bay. The lesser-known fact about black pepper is its expectorant nature, which helps in breaking up the collected mucus in the respiratory system thereby giving relief from sinusitis and nasal congestion. You can add a pinch of Black pepper in tea, or sprinkle it on your boiled eggs. 


Immunity booster Herbs
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Eugenol is an active component in cloves that helps in eliminating bacteria from the body. Cloves are known to be one of the oldest herbs to boost the immune system. Their oxidative nature gets rid of minor pains and strengthens the immune system by removing cell-damaging free-radicals. This sweet aromatic spice can help in stabilizing sugar levels in the blood and in improving the health of your liver. You can add cloves to your tea or your food. 


improve your immunity
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Cinnamon, an immune system stimulator is a rich source of antioxidants. The inflammatory properties of this spice help in lowering blood sugar levels fighting off common colds, and preventing clumping of blood platelets. Additionally, it contains essential oils like cinnamaldehyde and cinnamyl acetate that help in maintaining a strong immune system. Commonly known as dalchini, can be added into smoothies, tea, or can be sprinkled on porridge.

Wrapping Up on Immunity Booster Herbs

These natural immunity boosters are commonly available on your kitchen shelves. Every ingredient is bestowed with numerous health benefits. If you have not begun yet, then start including these fundamental herbs in your diet and retain your immunity levels.

9 Immunity booster Herbs from the shelf of your kitchen

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