5 Awesome Reasons to Take a Trip to Vermont

5 Awesome Reasons to Take a Trip to Vermont

Looking at a map and deciding on the next exciting destination for a trip is inspiring and exciting. Choosing the state of Vermont for your visit can provide a wealth of different experiences.

From brewing to the mountains, a trip to the best places in Vermont can bring you a lifetime of memories.

If you’re not quite sure about where to start, take a look at these awesome reasons to take a trip to Vermont. Read on!

Things to do in Vermont

1. Explore Nature in the Green Mountain State

The Green Mountains are home to vast picture-perfect landscapes, with rolling green hills, shimmering lakes, and lots of wildlife. Hiking the trails throughout the area will show many inlets of unique habitats, from conifer and hardwood forests to bogs and shorelines along the water.

There is also plenty of opportunity for bird watching, boating, fishing, camping, and more. Plus, beautiful mountain vistas await atop several of the highest peaks. Vermont’s maple season is also a great time to visit.

2. Savor the Flavor of Authentic Vermont Cuisine

Vermont boasts some of the most unique and delicious flavors in the country. If you’re looking to experience the true taste of New England, then a trip to Vermont is a must. In the lush countryside, you will find the freshest ingredients in food and craft beverages, prepared with local flair.

From tenderly aged cheddar cheese to homemade apple pies and rich, creamy maple syrup, there are countless options to satisfy every craving. Best of all, you can take part in events like Maple Open House Weekend, where you can visit local maple farms and breweries to sample some of Vermont’s sweetest and most iconic delicacies.

3. Fall in Love With Vermont’s Town Centers

Places to visit in Vermont

You can explore vibrant, beautiful downtown centers with historical architecture, shops, restaurants, and more. The smell of wood-fired stoves and warm apple pies wafting through the streets brings a sense of joyful nostalgia. 

Vermont is also famous for its unique and original escape rooms. Escape rooms are immersive games where players solve puzzles and complete challenges to escape a themed room within a set time limit. Unique and original escape rooms can offer players a more exciting and memorable experience, as they are not predictable and provide fresh challenges.

4. Artisanal Products from Local Producers

Vermont is the perfect destination for artisanal shoppers. In the state, local producers line its countryside, bringing unique and creative offerings to local areas.

Shopping the local markets and independent stores is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of Vermont while enjoying its finesse of artisanal products. With specialties such as maple syrup, handmade pottery, and artisanal cheeses, you can be sure to find special gifts or treats to bring back home.

5. Embrace the Outdoor Adventure

With the Green Mountains and lush forests, Vermont is the perfect place to experience a range of outdoor activities. Here are a few of the  things to do in Vermont during the winter season:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Sledding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Camping

With the natural beauty and diverse range of activities found in the state, Vermont is a great place to take a break and enjoy the outdoors.

Plan a Trip to Vermont Today

Taking a trip to Vermont offers something for everyone. For outdoor enthusiasts, the abundance of outdoor activities, such as hiking and skiing, is worth the trip.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, plan a trip to Vermont and discover why it’s so awesome!

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