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5 Benefits That Pay Envelopes Bring to Your Business

5 Benefits That Pay Envelopes Bring to Your Business

In order to provide an extra safe and private distribution of the pay and all the other important information regarding the salary, you will need to pay envelopes. Also known as A4 hand seal payslips or laser pay envelopes, these forms provide security and easy handling of the payment to your employees. There are different types of payslips including the continuous pay envelopes which are used in companies where lots of employees work and there is a need for printing a great feed of data. Here is why these forms are very important and beneficial to your business.

They Are Time-Saving

The process of preparing, printing and mailing out checks can be very time-consuming and tiring. Extra labour force must be spent on folding the checks and preparing the envelopes. This all can be replaced by using pay envelopes that can be pressure sealed or hand sealed. The fact that a pressure seal machine is 60 times faster and more effective than the hand processing checks speaks volumes about the time you can save with this choice.

They Are Cost-efficient

This is the most cost-effective method of printing and preparing checks and other documents because it is confident and won’t cost the company a lot of money. In fact, the more checks are to be prepared the more savings will be done in the long run. With this option, you need paper, printer and a paper folding machine whereas if you choose the other option (preparing checks individually) you would have to buy envelopes, stamps, labels and sealer liquid. Add to it the labour costs and you can see how expensive it can turn out.

They Are Secure

Of course, nothing is as important as the security factor of the method. Using A4 hand seal payslips or machine folded pay envelopes guarantee that all the security features you can think of are handles with great care and safety. Here are some of these security properties that are so important for the employee: fibre tear bond, simulated watermarks, a padlock security icon, copy-void pantograph, microprinted text, an endorsement warning, anti-splice backer, enhanced toner adhesion, image-friendly amount box, security block-outs, gradient two-colour pantograph, UV security ink, covert fluorescent fibres and solvent reactive colour spotting.

They Are Reliable and Offer a Quality Presentation

The A4 hand Seal payslips are a reliable piece of information which is accepted in many financial institutions. They will also give a smooth, seamless finishing touch that will represent your company and yourself as a manager. You surely want to leave a nice impression on the employees with a neat way of handling their paycheck.

Other Uses

What is more, there are even more uses of the payslips. Apart from the fact that they can be used as cheques, they can also be used as statements, grade reports, invoices, newsletters, utility bills, and so on. They can also be used for marketing purposes of your company.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that every manager of the company with a larger number of employees should consider using these forms of distributing payment. They are the private bond between the manager and each of its employees, so everything explained in details is just one of the ways to show appreciation of their work.

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