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Five Great Investment Options That Aren’t Stocks

Five Great Investment Options That Aren't Stocks

If you are looking to make your money grow further, the stock market is not a bad place to start. The only thing to bear in mind however is that stocks can be rather volatile. Whether it is recessions, natural disasters or fraud, you may find that what was a solid investment suddenly turns to dust. That is why on top of holding stock options,we have a bunch of investment options for you that can help diversify your portfolio in interesting ways. Read on below to see what we picked.

Five Great Investment Options That Aren’t Stocks

Real Estate

The real estate market can be a difficult one to get a hold on — after all you have to either outright buy or get a mortgage for property — but once you are on the ladder, it can prove rather lucrative. There aretwo things that one can do with real estate: the former is to buy a property and flip it, thereby selling it at a higher price, the other is to buy it and let it out, ensuring a steady stream of income. This is traditionally one of the most solid investment options around. 

Classic Cars

Cars are a tricky investment — as the majority of them do depreciate over time — but they can pay off if you know the market well. Classic cars are a particularly lucrative investment if you know exactly which cars are in demand and can find a way to purchase and then fix them up to sell at a higher price. Selling is a difficult task though. For example, if you thinking of searching online for “selling my BMW”, you may get a bunch of different, confusing answers. Nonetheless, easily the best option for “selling my BMW” can be found at We Buy Exotics.


If you have a good eye for fine art, paintings can be a very lucrative investment option. While painters selling out often sell their work for peanuts, if you are able to get hold of a young artist’s work and they become famous later on, you may be sitting on a potential goldmine. If you also have enough money to purchase artwork by a master, then do so as timeless works never really depreciate in price. For example, Da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi” sold for a whopping, eye-popping $450 million!

Five Great Investment Options That Aren’t Stocks


Gold is one of the safest buys around, usually going up in times of recession. You can either buy gold via a third party service, meaning that you technically “hold” gold but don’t physically have it — like owning a stock — or you can literally buy gold bars that can then be cashed in at a later date. With this investment you never have to worry about the value of what you hold significantly depreciating, unlike the more volatile cryptocurrencies.


If handled well, investing in cryptocurrencies can result in massive economic gains. You only have to look at the meteoric rise of Bitcoin to see how much money can potentially be made with cryptos. Enter at your own risk however, as it is easily the most volatile market on the list, meaning that its value could be completely wiped out in the future!

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Five Great Investment Options That Aren’t Stocks

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