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Healthy Lawn Tips: How to Determine the Best Height for Cutting Grass

Healthy Lawn Tips

There are more than 10,000 different species of grass – but only about a dozen are found in your lawn. Cutting grass is one of the most important parts of a healthy lawn, but how do you decide when to mow your lawn?

If you’ve been looking into the dangers of an overgrown lawn, we’re here to help. Read on for some crucial information on keeping your grass height in check and your lawn as beautiful as possible. Need additional assistance with lawn care? Visit www.moowy.co.uk for lots of valuable guidance.

Cutting Grass

How do you know when it’s time to mow your grass? Does grass height make a difference, or is it just an aesthetical choice? Here’s a quick rundown of what the height of your grass means.

Local Codes First

No matter what kind of grass you have, it’s important to know what the local guidelines are. In most communities, there are often codes that you need to follow.

For example, a neighborhood with a Homeowner’s Association may require you to cut your grass to a uniform length with your neighbors. In this case, you should make sure your grass is in line with their requirements. Not doing so can lead to fines or nuisances that are better avoided.

Common Height

For most types of grass, you should expect your grass to stay around 2 and a half inches. Cool-season grasses are kept at this length, but there are times when this will change.

During the summer, you should let your grass stay a bit higher than usual. In the late fall or early spring, keeping your grass around 2.5 inches is ideal.

How Much Goes?

No one expects you to get a ruler out and measure each blade when you mow – but how much do you mow? 

When you mow your grass, you should try to cut off the top third of the blade of grass. Given that it’s suggested you stay near 2.5 inches, that means you should cut your grass when it’s about an inch taller than that.

If this feels too complicated, don’t stress! Consider contacting professionals like those at https://www.heartlandturf.com/leawood/ to worry about the trimming for you. Hiring lawn care services is a great way to ensure a healthy lawn.

How Often?

One thing that tricks up lawncare amateurs is thinking that you should cut your grass “on schedule.” Many will suggest cutting it once a week or every other week, but this isn’t always sound advice.

The rule of thumb on 3.5 inches exists because grass grows differently through the year. Sometimes you may have an excess of rain, leading to rampant growth. It’s especially common in places with extensive rainy seasons, where grass can grow to 4 inches or more within a week.

Because of this, you shouldn’t get bogged down thinking you can only mow it “on schedule.” Your lawn’s growth will tell you when you should cut it, so keep your eyes on the blades!

Staying Trimmed

The dangers of an overgrown lawn go beyond aesthetical issues. Do your best to keep your grass height in check. If cutting grass and regular lawn maintenance isn’t possible, contact professional lawn care services to take care of the issue for you.

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