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Sugaring vs Waxing: Which Hair Removal Technique Should You Choose?

Sugaring vs Waxing

Did you know that more than 50% of men in the United States are embarrassed by their body hair?

Whether you are a male or female, getting rid of body hair can boost your confidence and make you more comfortable.

If you don’t like shaving, however, there are other options to try. Sugaring and waxing are 2 of the best solutions. 

Keep reading to discover the most essential factors to consider when choosing between sugaring vs waxing!

Sugaring vs Waxing: Which Hair Removal Technique Should You Choose?


One of the largest differences between sugaring vs waxing is the ingredients. 

The pros and cons of sugaring often seem better than waxing since the ingredients are so pure. Sugar, lemon, and water are the only things used to remove the hair. This provides comfort to people with sensitive skin or that want to avoid harsh chemicals. 

Waxing is made of beeswax, oils, and resin. Unfortunately, there are other additives put into the mix. These additives can irritate the skin, especially if exposed to cuts and scrapes.

Pain Level

While reviewing the cons of waxing, you will likely discover that it can be a painful process. 

Although sugaring isn’t 100% free of pain, it is much less severe than waxing. The wax pulls the hair out and will also open your pores. When you try sugaring, the texture of the sugar and acidity from the lemon will do the work. 

If you want painless treatment, take a look at LA Bikini’s sugaring solution. Sugar hair removal is a calming experience that will make you feel refreshed, rather than achy.


Depending on your budget, you might be wondering, what is sugaring going to cost you.

Sugaring costs slightly more than waxing for both legs and facials. Both methods should cost under $30 for a facial, waxing is typically around $10. When you get your full legs waxed, expect the bill to come in below $100.

Although sugaring tends to cost more, it is worth the investment. Paying extra will help protect your sensitive skin and keep you calm. 

Application Process

Understanding what is waxing will help you determine which application process you’d prefer.

Wax gets applied with hair growth exceeding 1/4 inch long. Strips are applied over top and the technician will pull them back, against the way the hair is growing. This is a great way to remove the smallest of hairs and clear pores but can be painful. 

Sugaring involves adding the ingredients against hair growth to help the citric acid enter pores. When it gets removed, they will wipe the sugar mixture off in the direction of hair growth. 
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Can You Decide Between Sugaring vs Waxing?

Many people debating between sugaring vs waxing like to try both to see how their skin reacts. 

Although both methods have about the same timeline for results, the ingredients aren’t the same. By comparing these methods, you can discover which one will be most effective and affordable for your budget. 

Don’t be afraid to try sugaring and waxing in small areas to understand if you’ll have irritations. 

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Sugaring vs Waxing

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