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Change up your weight loss strategy!
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Change Up Your Weight Loss Strategy!

Sometimes, losing weight can be more complicated than a simple diet change or the addition of regular and rigorous exercise. While both of these changes are highly beneficial to a healthier, more desirable and fulfilling lifestyle, there are outside…

7 Bathroom Safety Tips to Prevent Injuries
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7 Bathroom Safety Tips to Prevent Injuries

According to a CDC report, over 235,000 Americans visit the hospital each year because of a bathroom accident. Of these injuries, around 15% require a trip to the emergency room. Water, steam, and hard floors are some of the…

Global Pandemic or Not?
Health & Wellness Mindful Living

Global Pandemic or Not?

“For once on the face of the Earthlet’s not speak any languagelet’s stop for one secondand not move our arms so much.” This is a verse from ‘Keeping Quiet’ written by Pablo Neruda. While reading this beautiful poem, I…