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7 Trendy Hair Accessories, Every Woman will Love to Have

7 Trendy Hair Accessories, Every Woman will Love to Have

Summer is already here. One of my favorite things about this season is to try out some cool and trendy outfits and hair looks. I particularly enjoy using classy hair accessories on my hair. It’s fun! If you would like to know, what am I planning to experiment with, stay tuned 😉

1. Hair Extensions

Trendy hair accessories
Image Credit: Cliphair

Though hair extensions are not a hair accessory as such, but it allows you in trying different hairstyles and uses trendy hair accessories. So, if you have short hair like me, you may love to start with hair extensions. I found some cool and stylish hair extensions at Cliphair. Hair extensions are just perfect for casual get-togethers as well as wedding parties. There is a wide range of Clip-in and tape-in hair extensions on this website. Grab some amazing deals in their spring sale.

2. Scarf Headband

stylish hair accessories
Photo by Yvette LeBaron from Pexels

This is one of the most stylish hair accessories for women in summer. This scarf Headband covers your whole head. This easy-to-wear headband not only looks stylish but protects your hair from dust, pollution and strong UV rays. Before I found this scarf Headband, I used to tie an actual scarf around my head, but thanks to this band, which is much easy and quick to use.

3. Scrunchies

Love this scrunchy for regularly tying my hair. They look so pretty. If you have long hair you can use two scrunchies at some gap to make it look stylish and noticeable. All you need to do is just divide off the hair with each of these scrunchies, and that’s it. Congratulations, you have created a new stylish hair accessory of your own.

4. Knotted Headband

stylish hair accessories for women
Photo by Shervin Khoddami from Pexels

This one looks super cute. It’s trendy, it’s easy and it’s comfortable to wear for long hours. I just love wearing these knotted headbands at home and outside. In fact, I used to wear it during zoom meet-outs with friends due to pandemic. This stylish band grabs quite a lot of attention.

5. Claw Hair Clip

Stylish hair clips for women
Image by ImageParty from Pixabay

Though a claw hair clip is a very commonly used hair accessory for women, but this is something that is available in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, and materials. There is nothing better than a claw hair clip that holds hair and keeps them tidy.

Most of the time, you will see claw hair clips in plastic material, which are inexpensive and yet look amazing. However, if you need to wear them for an occasion, you can go for metallic claw hair clips which make you look elegant

6. Hair Barrettes

irrespective of your age, these chic-style hair barrettes make you look young and vibrant. They never go out of fashion. As these tiny-looking hair barrettes are super cheap, you can buy them in several colors and designs to mix and match them with your dresses. I simply love them!

7. Butterfly Clips

hair clips for women
Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Butterfly Clips – Another favorite of mine. they always remain on the top of the list of most stylish hair accessories for women.

If you want to add some cuteness to your everyday look, which doing too much, just get some colorful and tiny Butterfly Clips. They can easily fit-in anywhere in your handbag, to give you a quick makeover – anytime – anywhere.

Which is your favorite trendy hair accessory?

Most of these trendy hair accessories for women and girls work perfectly for short as well as long hair. If you have short hair you can go for butterfly clips, barrettes, and headbands. If you are still inclined towards using scrunchies and claw hair clips, give a try hair extensions and give yourself a new and chic look.

Featured Image: Swastik Arora from Pixabay

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