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5 Ways I became a Better Person Through Solo Travel

5 Ways I became a better person through solo travel

All my life, I have traveled with my friends and family. I have always loved travelling with them. But I always wanted to have an experience of travelling alone. So, for the first time, I dared to travel all by myself – Yes, my first solo trip.

Travelling with family and friends is always fun. We do things together, enjoy, share, laugh together, in fact so many times, we help each other too. It is a great idea to travel with people; it’s more of a fun and rejuvenation. On the other hand, there is something that you get by travelling along (that I realized when I first went on my solo trip). You must pack your bag and leave, catch a train, plane, or the road transport to escape the world. Solo travelling leads you to guide the true destiny and cherishes the meaning of life.

Here are few things that I want to share, which I learnt on my solo Trip to Morocco

1. You would fall in love with your own company

Traveling with friends is the best. These are plans for the holiday that are the best. As you travel solo, the traveling perception changes completely. In the beginning it will appear awkward, but after sometime it becomes boring, and it becomes the satisfying point in the world. You can start to do little things as everything is related to character. You may call in love and spend the afternoon even under a tree. Sometimes you can become a poet aiming to touch the sky.  It can become your self-discovery way.

2. Find comfort in discomfort

Whether it relates to life or traveling, we push to go beyond the boundaries of the comfort level. The struggle, failure and effort teach to self-pickup. Overcoming the challenges is possible, but this may be a starting conversation to a complete stranger. Nevertheless, you have the experience to remember for a longer time.

Traveling with friends or family member means to do things even by force. But when it is about indulging by yourself, you get sore experience in solo traveling. Now, wherever you go, you need not wait for people who are late, besides there is no need to compromise or resist others for the things they do and your dislike.

3. You get to discover your true self

All you need is to being alone. When you are busy in everyday life, you actually forget who you are. The point is what you want and to consider the way of getting it. The fact is that when you are alone, you get space and time for yourself. It opens wide windows and allows you chance to opt for a blissful living, the way you live. It takes you to a trance world and offers a feel of meditation ensuring the fuller feel of life.

5 Ways I became a Better Person Through Solo Travel

4. It makes you strong and responsible person

Traveling alone is the best way for teaching someone responsibility. I say this from personal experience. It teaches you to how to keep calm and take care of a difficult situations. You become aware of your surroundings and take care of yourself and belongings. Otherwise, when you are traveling with people, you often tend to share these responsibilities.

Money management, time management, being organized, consideration and respect for others. I learnt so much on this trip. You either learn these things the easy way or the lessons are shunted down your throat.

5. Helps in building confidence and make you fearless

No matter how well plan your trip, lot of things come up as surprises pleasant or sometimes unpleasant. Pleasant surprises are like cherry on the cake, but if you navigate through unpleasant situations without falling apart, you become a confident person. If not, you get to know yourself and your weaknesses a little better.

Life is too short to live your fears. There is far too much to explore and learn. So just let go off your excuses and dare to get closer to yourself. I bet, you will surely see the better version of yourself after a solo trip.

5 Ways I became a better person through solo travel

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  • Reply
    August 23, 2019 at 5:50 pm

    Great suggestions. I love that solo travel pushes you to do things that you normally would have passed on to your friend, spouse or travel partner. For example, if you’re not incredibly comfortable navigating and following a map, you better get ready to try! No one else is there to do it for you… Sure, you’ll likely make some mistakes along the way, but what better way to learn?

  • Reply
    August 26, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    This is a beautiful post and I could totally relate on what you have mentioned above. Traveling solo is one of the best experiences, there is! 🙂

  • Reply
    Jacqie Naya
    March 5, 2024 at 2:50 am

    I’ve never traveled solo in my life, but this post names me more confident to actually do it at some point in my life.

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