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5 Digital Marketing Hacks to Take Your Business to New Heights

5 digital marketing hacks to take your business to new heights

Every marketer dreams of creating content that goes “viral” in the online space and wins tangible results: more engagement, more web traffic, more orders, more satisfied and loyal customers to spread the word about your business. But with online users being constantly bombarded with new content from thousands of brands all the time, the chances of you gaining maximum exposure with minimum effort are slim.

Well, only if you remain tied to traditional methods of marketing and refuse to try something new. Instead, you should be following tried and tested but more current techniques of creating viral content for social media and online platforms. It will give a boost to your marketing efforts ROI while you see the charm of your content doing wonders. Here’s a quick summary of all you need to do to create high-quality content, be more engaging and boost your business growth. Did we say the sky’s the limit? Let’s start!

Connect With Audience Using Social Media

Social media is a game-changer for online marketing. Research suggests that 81% of small and medium-sized businesses use social media. Here, you can establish a one-on-one connection with your audience, gather direct feedback and share quick updates on the go.

How? Make every social media post count and publish regularly. People remember social media posts that resonate with them, make them laugh or inspire them. Be approachable, simple, and real, and interact with your followers whenever you can. If you don’t overdo the humor and don’t make things complicated, you won’t go wrong.

Sparknotes is one such example of humorous and engaging content used to the best of its potential to establish a conversation with the audience. They make every single post one that their followers will want to share with their friends, their neighbors, maybe even their English lit teacher – hilariously funny posts with pop culture references that keep their fans coming back for more.

Imagery is Important

An image is worth a thousand words. In the world of online marketing, make that more like a billion because when it comes to social media, imagery plays a key role in keeping your audience hooked. It helps draw reader’s attention and improve your social media engagement – the goal of every marketer. And it is not difficult to attain – you can make thumb-stopping social media posts and keep the readers engaged to your blog with high quality DIY social media templates.

5 Digital Marketing Hacks to Take Your Business to New Heights

PosterMyWall is an easy-to-use online graphic design program that can make creating high-quality visuals a breeze for your business. Scroll through their massive library and browse their themes till you find something that inspires you, then customize it till it looks like it belongs to you and you only. To save some precious time, you can create fun images for your social media for the week and schedule them all together and avoid the hassle of posting again and again.

Share and Inform Through Blogging

Blogging is important for online marketing. You can use blog content to provide solutions to the problems your target users face and turn them into customers for life. Additionally, it’s also a great source of creating brand awareness and driving traffic to your site. By providing value to your customers before they even pay you, you’ll already be ahead of your competitors. 

Provide a steady stream of long-form content your readers will grow to look forward to. Choose relevant, unique topics that spark the interest of your niche audience, and make sure every post is informative and provides real value.

In online marketing, it’s important to make your posts accessible. For SEO purposes, the ideal writing style for content creation is a 6-8th grade reading level. Use short sentences to make your blog easy to skim (however, the sentence length should vary to avoid monotonous monologues).

Pro tip: Images can speak volumes, even in blog posts, so take your time and choose well: relevant images for articles may include quote imagery, annotated screenshots, and infographics. You can make captivating blog post visuals online on PosterMyWall and embed them directly into your website or blog: no download/upload step required.

Digital Marketing Hacks

Photo Collages Are a Hot Trend

Photo collages are a hot trend on social media. A collection of images always sparks the interest of users and gives marketers the opportunity to use varying imagery in a single post. Imagine marketing a product and being able to convey all aspects of its usage, different photography angles, customer reviews, and more in a single graphic. All in all, you can use photo collages for beautifully presenting memories, product marketing, and even fun posts.

PosterMyWall’s online collage maker lets you choose from thousands of free stock images, audio, and videos to add to your photo collage – or you can add your own. You can even add fancy texts and clip art for free. Choose from amazing collage templates to make your photo collage look as trendy as possible.

Offer Ebooks and Guides as Freebies

You can share your vast industry knowledge with your customers in a neatly packaged and highly valuable ebook that will help them solve commonly faced problems. It also gives you a chance to provide your valued customers or new followers with something of tangible value.

An ebook can be an effective lead magnet. Offer to mail your ebook, guide, or other resources for free to anyone who provides an email address. This will get you an email list that you can use for reaching out to potential customers. These may not be followers or customers yet, but it won’t take you long to convert them with the right targeted email campaign.

Digital Marketing Hacks

Ready to Create Viral Content?

Online marketing can be a game-changer for your business strategy. It helps create a strong brand image and boost conversion rates. The best part? Happy customers for life!

Using the marketing hacks we discussed will take you a step closer to creating a buzz. Even if your content doesn’t go viral, exponential organic growth through online marketing will skyrocket your business growth. So start putting these marketing hacks into action to see great results!

Digital marketing hacks for business

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