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Choosing a New Boiler- A Homeowner’s Guide

Choosing a New Boiler

 Winter’s freezing levels look good outside but as humans, we need warmth, at least in our homes.  And it is time for you to check your boiling system at home, the earlier, the better. If it’s in optimal condition then you don’t really have to make a purchase, but if it’s not been replaced for a long time, you have to do it now. 

For example, some houses still rely on in-door furnaces and steam boilers to keep their home warm. But now, the market has newer and more efficient boilers. This is because the above boilers are still good solutions, yet both are extremely expensive to operate and maintain, also falling out of popularity these days. 

So if you are thinking of reducing your energy expenditure, and buying a new boiler, here’s a comprehensive guide that would help you make the best decision possible!

Factors Deciding What Would Be The Right Boiler For Any Home

Blindly picking up any boiler would not give you desired results. Only the right boilers can heat your home effectively and limit the overall waste. So apart from efficiency here are some factors you must consider:

The Type Of Boiler

There are several types of boilers available in the market each coming with its own set of features. If your current boiler is not working properly, but you are liking the quality of the same, you can pick up the same type because making changes gets easier. If not, you can choose a different model having no or fewer features like your previous ones. 

In short, the type of boiler you would be choosing for your home would completely depend on the usage. For example, some boilers are for commercial use, while some are for residential purposes, each comes with different outlets. Hence, first, understand the overall use of the boiler in your home.

Size And Its Dimensions

Next comes the size of the space where you will be installing your boiler. The more the area is, the more will be the installation time. If you live in a small space, a small boiler would work for you giving adequate warmth. However, the size and dimension would even differ on the type of boiler you would need.


Lastly, the pricing factor even plays a major role. Each boiler comes with different functionality, hence the setup cost differs a lot. Also, even the cost of a boiler has to be considered because the technologically advanced ones are a bit costlier. Now, this doesn’t mean, all the boilers are expensive, it’s just that you must fix a budget in the first place, and then look for a boiler accordingly.

Types Of Boilers Well-Suited For Residential Purposes

As mentioned previously, there are several types of boilers available in the market. Some boilers are bulk, while some are small and compatible. Some have a complete green heating solution, while others would not be so efficient. However, the three main types of boilers available vividly in the market are: 

Conventional Boiler 

This type of boiler is also known as a traditional boiler, still used in many homes till date. The boiler comes with a cylinder and water storage tank, hence getting bulkier. But if you are living in a multiple occupancy home, this boiler has the best capacity to generate more heat. If you are looking for a greener-home option, the conventional boiler even works well with solar heating systems!

System Boiler

Similar to the regular boiler, System Boilers have built-in heating components, that is, a hot water cylinder. There are no tanks in the loft because the boiler is not open vented, and almost all the components are integrated into the system only. This boiler is ideal for homes having high-water demand like multiple bathrooms, all used at the same time.

Combi Boiler 

Combi boilers, also known as combination boilers are highly effective ones. This is because the boiler heats water through an integral heat exchanger which is connected to the main connection points, giving instantaneous hot water. Basically, this boiler is not a traditional one, but an improved version of conventional boilers. 

Overhere, the whole process is done through a single wall-hung unit. So, if you are thinking of getting rid of old hot water tanks, you can buy a combi boiler. The best benefit you would get is definitely lower maintenance cost, great options to choose from, and no long waiting time for hot water.

Wrapping Up On Choosing a New Boiler

Many factors come into the picture when you are on a quest for choosing the right boilers for your home. Because boilers aren’t just an expense but an investment you do for your family as a homeowner. Make sure to weigh up your options according to this comprehensive guide, and we are sure you won’t regret it!

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