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Obsessed about cleanliness? Keep it Simple – Try PUER

Obsessed about cleanliness?

Hello My Friends,

How is everyone doing? Hope you are all enjoying the New Year and sticking to your new year resolutions! I know, I know… :). But trust me I am keeping all my resolutions up and running, including the one of keeping my surroundings cleaner and hygienic. After all, this directly or indirectly adds to our long-term well-being. To make this happen, PUER has been my buddy. So, here I come with another genuine review of the completely natural homecare brand PUER.

Obsessed with cleanliness

Here is little bit about the brand – PUER

PUER offers a variety of home care products, personal care products and baby care products. The specialty of this brand is that all the products are naturally-derived and formulated, and free from strong, toxic, harmful and complex chemicals.

At present, I am using these two products by PUER. PUER Dishwashing Gel and PUER Floor Cleaner.

Here is what I personally think about these products. (A Genuine Review)

PUER Dishwashing Gel:

Obsessed about cleanliness?

What is so special about PUER Dishwashing Gel?

This gel is formulated using natural ingredients such as ECOCERT and COSMOS ingredients, plant-based surfactant & foam booster.

Often in winter, utensils are not cleaned immediately after use. As a result, stains get dried up and become stubborn. Puer dishwashing gel is powerful enough to remove such stains in a single swipe. This is a thick and consistent gel so 1 spoon full is enough for cleaning 1 sink full of utensils.

It easily removes grease, spice marks and, cleans burnt utensils while eradicating stale odour from them.

Mine are shining like new ones.

Secondly, being completely natural, there is no residue of harmful chemicals or patches left on washed dishes. This ensures the safe and worry-free use of utensils for my family.

PUER Floor Cleaner:

Obsessed about cleanliness?

This is another product by PUER that I am using. As I mentioned earlier, PUER products are 100% naturally-derived and formulated, this floor cleaner is therefore also safe. This floor cleaner, contains bio-degradable, anti-microbial cleaning agent, which is completely sulphate-free. It’s a strong floor cleaner that easily removes any type of stains from the floor and also kills 99.99% germs.

In winters, we often keep our doors and windows closed, so as to maintain the warmth. This eventually makes the rooms smell musty. The fragrance of PUER floor cleaner is quite pleasant and mild. It feels as if you have sprayed a room freshener in the area. I personally feel PUER Floor Cleaner is simply the best to have clean, shiny floors, as it not only cleans but also leaves a beautiful relaxing fragrance.

Closing Words

Cleaning is no fun – I get it. We have hundreds of other things to do. But undoubtedly, an unclean home is actually an unhealthy environment that not only adds to the mental stress but also invites several illnesses. And it can also make you feel overwhelmed or guilty.

With high-quality nature-based home care products like PUER, keeping clean and hygienic surroundings becomes easy and safe too.

So, I recommend PUER – For Cleanliness, for Hygiene, For Chemical-Free living.

Please Remember – Cleanliness is not a choice, it’s a necessity.

Obsessed with cleanliness

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