Get More Happiness Out of Credit Card Rewards

Get More Happiness Out of Credit Card Rewards

Who does not like free stuff? Free music, free food, free drinks….everybody want it. It not only lifts our mood, but also brings a huge smile on our face. Finding happiness is not easy these days, but if you own a credit card, you sure can find some in shape of credit card rewards.

Credit card rewards are like an incentives earned by you every time you swiped your card in a store or a petrol pump or a restaurant. A lot of people don’t use them because they find it too complicated. However, they can be actually rewarding. Various types of online and retail merchants in partnership with banks are offering credit cards that can earn cheap or free stuff and if you have passion for these things, there is nothing more satisfying than using them, especially if you are planning a vacation.

Maximize your vacation with reward points

Many people are intrigued by credit card reward points and how they work. Not many people are aware that credit card points can be a great tool while planning a vacation. However, people don’t explore too much about them. Usually people forget about them because they own more than one card that or they are too lazy to redeem them. But if you use them can actually bring lot of benefits. Credit card reward points can be redeemed for things like air tickets, hotels, spas etc. Like humans, even credit card rewards are diverse. It does not matter how you use it, just make yourself happy.

Travel…Travel and Travel

There is nothing more exciting than visiting new places, meeting new people, exploring new adventures and eating different cuisines. But to experience all that, you need money. Even if you have a credit card, it does not mean that you can splurge. You have to use it sparingly. It is all about what kind of credit card you are using. Picking the right credit card is the right way to do it.

  • Booking airlines – Air tickets are the biggest expense on a vacation. Though there are various methods through which you can book cheap air tickets, but what if you have a card that has earned you points in miles. Today many credit card companies have partnered with airline carriers that give you flexible miles that you can redeem. Other than tickets, you can also get free access to airport lounges which you always wished to have.
  • Accommodation – Apart from miles, you can actually cash your points for booking your stay as well. Today, lot of travelers prefer to book a home-stay rather than booking a room in a flashy hotel. There are sites that has partnered with American Express membership program where card holders can use their points directly. So, whether you want a whole cottage to yourself or a tiny room or even a tree house, use your credit card points to book them. Also, if you want to get a little more spoiled on your trip and if you own few cards that can earn you points which can be redeemed in spa’s, it is like a cherry on the top. Get a good spa and feel relaxed by just using your reward points.
  • Booking cab rides – if you are on a trip, you are definitely carrying some luggage with you. Also, taking a long flight can be exhausting. You check for cabs but they are too expensive or you don’t have enough money to pay for the ride. Spending big sums on one trip is not a very smart move to make, especially during a travel. But if you have a credit card points accumulated, you can even pay for your cab through them. Surprisingly, there are credit card companies who offer to redeem points in return of cash for various cab services. Even if you have small amount of points sitting and you are unable to use them on other things, you can look for paying for cab service, rather than waiting for years to accumulate them and then using it.
  • Buying gift cards – When you are on a trip, you always want to take back some gifts for your loved ones back at home. But, even buying local stuff can be expensive. Using your credit card points can be an ideal way to pay for the gifts. Gift cards are an excellent option in return of your credit reward points. You don’t even have to spend a rupee and you still did your shopping done.

Other than travel

Credit card reward points are not only applicable for travel. There could be many other reasons for which reward points can be utilized.

  • Shopping – Women are most of the times stress and they get relieved or happy by shopping for anything, so if you have been longing to buy an expensive dress, but you don’t have enough money to buy it, you can use your reward points to buy things you thought you could never afford.
  • Dining – In case you have your anniversary or birthday upcoming and want to treat your family in a lavish restaurant, then use a credit card with cashback rewards. Using the card at fine-dining restaurants can earn you cashback.
  • Golf sessions – Golf sessions are generally very peaceful and relaxing as you see greenery all around you and you enjoy sunlight too. It might sound surprising, but some credit card companies also offer to redeem reward points in golf courses. So, if you are fond of playing golf, then you should apply for one. Credit cards of banks like HSBC provide you complimentary one-year membership of selected premium golf courses in India and Over 800 golf courses around the world.

To sum it up, you don’t need large sums of money to find happiness. Small moments with your family can also bring joyful moments in your life and if you have reward points, it will only add more happiness to your moments.

This is a guest post by Shipra Aggarwal. Shipra is a personal finance writer and Sub-Editor in Mudranomy, a social media community, with 3 years of experience in BSFI. Also have worked with prominent News Daily in Chandigarh.

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