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How to Build a Remote Team

How to Build a Remote Team

According to the studies, capacity for work of an employer depends on how comfortable s/he is. The more time is spent in the office, the more detailed the working space is equipped.

Technological development made it to where a work area was replaced away from the offices to a home computer and a cup of one`s favorite coffee or to the co-working spaces. More and more employees prefer to work from home and this is not bad if a chief knows How to Build a Remote Team, organize the working process and remain effective.

Make a connection

One of the main problems showing up at working with people remotely is keeping a contact. When everyone sits within the same room, some business culture and general information field are build up on their own: if your employee works in the office, it is easier for you to control his/her progress and get operative feedback on business issues. In any other case, alternative ways of communication are used.

Messengers, video conferences and webinars are at your service. All the three ways of communication may be lined up. Urgent issues to solve in chat and to arrange meetings online for planning of reports.

Provide with an access to shareable documents and files

When it comes to remote workers, a network drive or sharing service come into the picture. You are going to need a file depot, which is accessible anytime from anywhere.

Use virtual drive or cloud drive. Spend some time to design its structure: for example, put documents in the files of the sections. If a remote worker is able to orientate him/herself in the drive, s/he will not be bothering you every time s/he needs this or that document.

Google Docs is the solution for text documents, tables and pdf-files. They have a convenient system of editing online and sharing access. You create a file and send invitations to your colleagues who can view, edit and comment a document.

By the way, webinars are effective tool for work with files. Webinar allows demonstrating not documents and presentations only but a desktop just as well: so you can edit documents in online mode.

Do not forget to update files on time.

How to build a remote team?

Plan tasks attentively

Just so your working day did not turn into a discussion of a remote worker tasks, come up with a comfortable and effective way of settling and checking them. Feel free to use a task-messenger, CRM and other convenient program.

Choosing a tool for assignment of tasks, think in advance about necessary functional. If you control a few workers from different departments, choose multi-tasking tools where you can find fixed task-messengers, chats and calendars. If you control a big remote team, divide workers into groups and define priorities for each group. For example, designers need a task-messenger with a sharing service and shop assistants need a tool for work with customer base.

Remember about learning and professional development

Develop your workers on a regular basis. Use conferences for exchange of knowledge within the company, plan on a series of webinars with invited speakers or use ready classes. Distance learning is a great opportunity to upgrade skills of your worker saving on organization.

Many clients use Webinar for corporate training. Companies, which solved this issue through video and conference calls decided on using webinars to support workers.

For example, К примеру, Bittner Pharma Company used Skype for quite some time for corporate learning however, executive management was not okay with this option: video conferences did not allow inviting a big number of participants and had a limited functional. Today, every Bittner proctologist gives a training webinar on its product for colleagues from regions. Using Webinar for training and support of workers saves more than 2 million of RUB a year.

How to build a remote team?

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