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How to Find and Choose Right Internet Service Provider?

How to Find and Choose Right Internet Service Provider?

With so many ISPs (Internet Service Provider) available, choosing the right one for yourself can be confusing sometimes. You have to paddle through various details, endless plan choices, and puzzling terms and conditions.

Here are some of the simple tips on How to Find and Choose Right Internet Service Provider? These tips will help you identifying best broadband connection for your needs.

1. Availability in Your Area

The first step in choosing an internet provider is figuring out which all service providers are serving in your area. Not every provider is available in every area. The coverage areas varies from provider to provider.

Once you know which providers offer service in your area, look at the packages that the company is offering.

Plans and pricing

Bandwidth or Speed

Installation and equipment costs

Customer satisfaction ratings

Many companies can provide amazing customer service and have countrywide availability, but if the service isn’t fast enough for what you need, it’ll fall short on your needs.

Find Best Internet Service Provider (ISP)

2. Understand your own internet needs

In order to evaluate you need for speed, ask yourself:

  • How often do you stream HD video? Usually, 5 mbps is fair enough for streaming 1080p video, while 4K requires about 25 Mbps.
  • Do you use Internet for calling or Gaming? Video calling and playing internet based games are extremely common these days. If you do any of these, then may require more bandwidth than usual, in order to avoid buffering while you are playing or video calling.
  • How many users/gadgets will be connected to internet at once, usually? A good connection of 16 Mbps is good enough for about 6 devices (which includes smart phones, laptops or smart TVs) For instance: I have Den Broadband at home which offers smooth browsing experience at 20 Mbps for 8 devices connected at same time. Den Broadband provides unlimited high speed data usage at quite affordable prices as compared to many big shot internet providers.
  • Do you need to connect smart home devices to your internet? These devices include CCTV cameras which require to upload data continuously and can eat your bandwidth up real quick.
  • Do you do any specific task which require extra bandwidth? For example: if you are a photographer who needs up upload a portfolio or often work from home and need to access the company’s server on the cloud, an businessperson with an Internet-based work or may be a seller who needs to upload products to e-commerce websites or social media, regularly. In such case, you would require a connection with higher bandwidth.Get the feasibility check done.
How to Find best Internet Service 
Provider (ISP)

3. Get the Feasibility Check Done.

Once you are clear about your internet usage needs, get in touch the service provider and ask them to come over to your premise and check the feasibility for the connection.

4. Compare the plans

Once all these basic things are done, compare the plans offered by the providers. Also, check the mode of payment in which the provider accepts the payment. Most of the ISPs accept online payment through credit or debit cards. Den Broadband also accepts the payment through mobile wallets such as Paytm. It’s the recharge system that allows me to be flexible on making broadband bill payment. If I am travelling, I can skip those days and recharge the connection once I am back. Furthermore, if I need extra bandwidth sometimes, I can recharge with the higher plan and resume to the lower one once my need is over.

Bottom line

Irrespective of the fact that you are switching your broadband connection or purchasing it for the first time, it’s best to get familiar with the terms of your Internet plan to make the best out of it. Do your research, and you can easily find an ISP offering the plan that’s most suitable to your requirements. I hope my tips on How to Find and Choose Right Internet Service Provider are helpful for you.

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