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How to Know If a Dog Bite Is Serious?

How to Know If a Dog Bite Is Serious

As a nation, we love dogs; in fact, we like them so much that they have been voted as the number one choice of pet in America. This is thanks to their loyalty, obedience, empathy and of course their charm, but these attributes vary from breed to breed and depend heavily on the thoroughness of their training. So, when a dog decides to turn on you, how do you know whether it’s just playful instinct or a cause for concern?

As a General Rule

Make sure you treat any animal bite immediately as this can be the best way to prevent any long-term damage from occurring, including infection or disease. Waiting until you can be seen to by a doctor might give a wound enough chance to cause further damage and let harmful bacteria enter your bloodstream. Once the wound has been cleaned and bandaged, book an appointment to see a doctor or give them a call if you believe it to be a more minor injury.

Although not considered as aggressive as cat bites, the chances of a dog bite becoming infected are remarkably high, as bacteria is released deep into the skin’s tissue. More frighteningly, dog bites in children will usually occur around the mouth and cheek area due to their height, whereas for adults they will usually occur on the hands and legs. This means that for children, every case is severe.

How to Know If a Dog Bite Is Serious?

Check If There Is Pain on or Around the Wound

Not all the signs of a dog bite may be visible, and it could be that the muscle, bone or nerve tissue underneath the wound has been damaged. Check if this is the case by gently applying pressure on and around the wound to test whether the pain is more than you expected. If doing this puts you in agony, then the bite is definitely serious and urgent medical attention is required.

What Information Do You Have About the Animal?

How to Know If a Dog Bite Is Serious

You will want to find out a bit about the dog’s history tounderstand whether you are at risk of particular diseases, including rabies. If the owner is around and has this information readily available, then it is best to ask them first in order to find out what you can in order to help your medical professional make a faster diagnosis.

In many cases the owner might not be available or could be unwilling to speak with you about the animal’s history and therefore you will require help to get access to this information. An expert lawyer team, such as those at Horst Shewmaker, can assist you in finding out the important detailsand can take you through the next steps that need to be taken following a dog bite incident.

Wrapping Up

In most cases, a dog bite is severe and should never be neglected because it could be that the issue is deeper than what you might physically be able to see. Finding out as quickly as possible what kind of dog you are dealing with could be a life-saving act and remember to seek help urgently if you are having issues in gathering this information.

How to Know If a Dog Bite Is Serious?

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