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The Latest Advances in Heart Surgery Techniques

The Latest Advances in Heart Surgery Techniques

Suffering from a condition that means you need heart surgery can be nerve-wracking, and the idea of the surgery itself may fill you with anxiety. But as technology advances and innovative surgical tools and devices become more common, your surgery may not be as scary as you think. Advancements are being made in medicine which means your heart surgeon London will be able to carry out some of the largest procedures more efficiently and effectively. Read on as we take a closer look at how heart surgery techniques are advancing and what this means for patients.

Why is heart surgery needed?

There are a few different types of heart surgery, and the procedure that you need can depend on the condition that is being treated. There are multiple reasons why someone might have to go through a surgical procedure on their heart including, to restore blood supply to replace and unblock arteries that may be causing issues. Heart valves may need to be repaired to ensure the heart is working as it should, valves may also need stretched or completely replaced. There are also heart surgeries that can be done as a way of correcting irregular heartbeats and rhythms that may be causing problems. There are a variety of procedures that doctors may recommend for patients to prolong and save lives. 

How are procedures progressing?

Thankfully, as technology advances, they are ways in which surgery is becoming more efficient, and less invasive. There are various ways in which these procedures are improving, through ever-advancing technology that can make surgeons’ lives easier, as well as improve our health. Here are a few techniques that are helping to make the world of heart surgery more innovative.  

Robotic cardiothoracic surgery

This is one of the most talked about advancements in heart surgery. Robotic cardiothoracic surgery takes place as a surgeon uses very small tools to make tiny holes in the chest. These tools are robotically controlled, which means they are typically less invasive and do not require large incisions asyou would find with traditional open-heart surgeries. Thanks to robotic tools, surgeons do not need to fit their hands inside a patient’s chest and allow them to perform the same movements as they usually would, meaning less of a need for large incisions. This type of advancement can be used in a range of surgeries making it one of the most promising technological breakthroughs in the sector. 

Wireless devices

Another great advancement being made in heart surgery is the implementation of wireless devices for those that need pacemakers and defibrillators. These devices can help improve patients’ lifestyles, by making these devices undetectable to others, so no one will even know you have one! This allows patients to lead normal lives without having to worry. It means that you can benefit from some of the highest quality technology to keep your heart beating as it should, in a way that means you can live your life to the full. 

Minimally invasive surgery

As we mentioned previously, in the past, surgery has been quite an invasive procedure. Now, with the help of the best technology and training, surgeons can offer minimally invasive procedures where possible, meaning patients can benefit from less downtime and time spent healing from open-heart surgery. More complicated surgeries are most commonly carried out with open heart surgery, but as processes become more refined and technology becomes available, minimally invasive surgery is likely to become more common – meaning heart surgery may not be such a daunting experience in the future.

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