Make Your Own Vision Board

Make Your Own Vision Board

Hey Dreamer!

Dreams – Aspirations – Goals! We all have that!

Our dreams make us who we are. But at some point of time, we feel stuck and don’t see how to achieve our goals. That is where Vision Boards come into the picture.

What Exactly is a Vision Board?

Typically, a vision board is a visual representation of your goals and dreams. It contains the images and words that inspire you to accomplish your heart-felt desires and goals.

Take a moment to figure out what do you really what and what is most important to you. Think about the areas of your life you really want to change.

Now you are clear about your goals and desires, let’s move ahead to some tips you can follow while creating your vision board:

Create a list of goals –

In order to start making your vision board, you have to first understand what are your main goals? For this, you can start creating a list of what you want or need to accomplish in the near future. Next, be clear about whatever you have started out with and then start visualizing it. 

Take time – 

Goals change over a period of time, and this can happen with you too. You might want to visit a place today, but the next day the next important thing for you will be doing good at your work. All these confusions will only act as a barrier. Know that, you have to make a precise vision board and not a confusing one. Hence, take all your time and understand a bit more about yourself and your aspirations. 

Find pictures relevant to your goals – 

If you are not a regular newspaper or magazine reader you can start collecting pictures from other resources. You can even buy some magazines from thrift stores online. We would also suggest you to print some pictures online because you’ll get variations there. 

Find quotes that inspire you – 

Schedule an evening for yourself and sort out quotes that speak for your goals. Fun tip: it’s not necessary to always find a quote shared by popular individuals, you can make one for yourself. To help you with quotes, here are some motivational quotes you can check out now for your vision board.

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Add motivational affirmation words to add life to your board – 

Your vision boards should be all about how you will be doing and how you are feeling about your goals. For this reason, it is important to describe words like powerful, strong, healthy, fearless which we use on a daily basis. Hence, take some time and pick out words you speak daily, and then write it down for yourself. If you aren’t able to find positive affirmation words all on your own, here are a few examples you must check now! 
40 Affirmations for Achieving Goals and Success

Here we have a free Printable Vision board for you. Check it out and experience the power of visualization like never before!

Featured Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay