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What Not To Do After Waxing

What Not To Do After Waxing

Waxing is a popular alternative to shaving. It might hurt a little or a lot depending on the location, but it’s preferable to many people over the daily hassle of shaving and leaves your skin silky smooth for far longer.

If you have other activities planned, however, you should plan your waxing services Ambler PA accordingly. There are a few things you should avoid immediately afterward. Waxing removes not only the hair but also the top layer of the skin. This leaves your skin vulnerable to infection, irritation, and allergic reaction.

Wearing Makeup

Even organic foundations can cause skin irritation. If you’ve had your brows or upper lip waxed, you should avoid wearing makeup until your skin no longer feels sensitive to the touch. 


With the protective top layer of skin gone, you could end up with serious burns or at the very least a splotchy, uneven tan. It’s recommended to wait 24-48 hours after waxing before getting in a tanning bed,


Pool chemicals can cause rash and irritation to freshly waxed skin. Bacteria and fungi in natural bodies of water such as lakes and rivers can potentially cause infection. Wait at least a day before going for a dip.

Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos are relatively safe when done by a trained and licensed tattooist, but you still run the risk of infection any time you introduce a foreign material into your body. This risk is increased on skin that’s just been waxed. Increased sensitivity also increases your risk of allergic reaction. Wait at least three days after waxing to get a tattoo anywhere you’ve been waxed.

Bedroom Activities

If you’ve had a bikini or Brazilian wax, your intimate areas are even more vulnerable than normal.  Personal lubricants can cause skin irritation and your risk of STDs is higher. Wait at least a day or two before getting between the sheets with your partner.

Letting your skin heal after waxing is an important part of caring for your skin so you can always look and feel clean and smooth.

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