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Why hair loss occurs in children and how to fix it?

Why hair loss occurs in children and how to fix it

Hair loss is also known as Alopecia. It does not only occur in adults, but also in children. In fact, Alopecia is common in dermatology clinics. If you notice that your kid is losing hair for no legit reason, you need to identify the cause so that you can take the best course of action. Some factors cause hair loss in children. Some are medical, while others are non-medical. When your child experiences hair loss, even tools from may not be effective until the issue is resolved. Moreover, it might be a traumatizing occurrence for your child. That is why this article will mention the various causes of hair loss in children and how each can be fixed.

Non-medical causes of hair loss in children

There are some non-medical causes of hair loss in children. Technically, they are not very serious, and they can be rectified by following the most appropriate practices to ensure that your children have healthy hair. Some of these non-medical causes include:

  • Brushing of hair when it is wet
  • Pulling hair too tightly
  • Using unfavorable chemicals to treat your children’s hair
  • Using a lot of heat to dry hair

Medical causes of hair loss in children

There are also a number of medical issues that result in hair loss in children. Fortunately, they are treatable, rejuvenating the confidence level of your child. Some of them include.

1.      Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is one of the medical causes of hair loss in children. Usually, it is identified when patches of a child’s hair start to fall out in either a round or oval pattern. The hair loss in this condition takes place within a couple of days, and the patterns happen to be smooth. It occurs when the immune system of a child’s body begins attacking the hair follicles. Fortunately, it is not contagious. Furthermore, it is a rare condition, meaning that it occurs in a few children at a specific time. There is no defined test to identify Alopecia areata, but it is detected when the scalp is examined. Also, there is no specific cure for this condition. However, dermatologists can come up with a proper treatment plan to promote hair growth. In some instances, this condition can continue up to a point where the all hair on your kid’s head falls out.

2.      Tinea Capitis

Tinea Capitis is another common cause of hair loss in children. It is a type of fungal infection caused by ringworm known as Tineas Capitis. This ringworm attacks the hair, causing scaly and ring-like lesions to occur. When you notice that your child has this infection, it is imperative for you to take the best course of action because it is contagious. And it mostly spreads among school-aged kids. Moreover, this fungal infection can occur on the hair of the scalp, the eyelashes, and the eyebrows. It is diagnosed by looking at the appearance of the scalp, which will be scaly and or flaky. Fortunately, Tinea capitis is treatable. You can use antifungal medications or a special shampoo for about two months (eight weeks). Also, when it is being treated, it is not contagious.

3.      Telogen effluvium

This is another condition, whereby the life cycle of your children’s hair is interrupted. Some causes cause this condition to occur. When your child has this condition, you may notice that after a couple of weeks or months, he or she may experience partial or total baldness. This condition may occur due to immense emotional stress, vitamin A overdose, general anesthesia, specific medications, severe injury, or death of a loved one. It is a condition with no treatment, but the hair will eventually grow back after about six months or a year when the stressful event fades.

4.      Nutritional imbalance

Another reason that causes hair loss in children is that of nutritional imbalance. You need to supplement your child’s diet appropriately so that he or she may be healthy. When your child has a deficiency or has an excess of specific nutrients, hair loss will likely occur. Ensure that your child’s diet is rich in vitamin B complex, biotin or vitamin H to promote the metabolism of carbs into glucose. The diet should also be rich in Zinc to support cellular metabolism. Also, ensure that the diet you give your child doesn’t have excessive vitamin A.


If you notice that your child is experiencing abnormal hair loss, it might be because he/she has one of the conditions mentioned above. You are advised to take the quickest and most viable cause of action because, at this point, your child may be going through a tough time. You should ensure to provide emotional support to your child during this stage to boost his/her confidence before the condition is completely treated. As for the non-medical conditions, ensure to implement the best practices.

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Why hair loss occurs in children and how to fix it?

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