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7 Reasons Why You Should Get Vaccinated ASAP

Reasons to get vaccinated ASAP

It’s been over 2 years that we are facing the consequences of a global pandemic. In addition to health hazards, there were lockdowns, working from home, no schools for children, no socializing, severe impacts on health and economy, and whatnot. Almost everyone faced some or the other effects of it. But every night comes to an end. Vaccination is hope for a bright morning. However, many people are still apprehensive about getting vaccinated. Perhaps, you have many questions in your mind. Although, I am not an expert and am still learning more and more about vaccines. So, here I have jotted down some of the benefits of getting vaccinated.

Here are 7 reasons why you should get vaccinated ASAP –

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Vaccinated ASAP

1. Vaccination reduces the risk of infection

When you get vaccinated, your body begins to produce antibodies that prepare the body to fight against the coronavirus. Not only that, but it also reduces the chance of getting infected is reduced. If at all, you still get infected (chances are very less), the intensity of the infection will be much low and you may not face severe effects of it. Therefore, with vaccination, we can achieve community protection and minimize the chances of transmission of the virus.

2. It can protect unborn or new-born babies

A new study indicates that the antibodies produced in pregnant women who got vaccinated are passed to their unborn babies through the placenta. This means the newborns come to the world with some immunity against the virus. This is vital as infants cannot get the vaccine, which puts them at a higher risk of getting infected with the virus. Thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine dose, take by their mothers during pregnancy, which provides ample protection to the kiddos.

3. Vaccination protects against severe illness (side-effects of Corona Virus Infection)

Several studies indicate that vaccine is effective at preventing severe illness that may occur after you get infected with COVID-19. Henceforth, if you get vaccinated and still get infected with coronavirus, the chances of getting severely ill are much less. Once you get fully vaccinated, your risk of hospitalization as well as death is nearly defecated. So, the joy of attaining greater immunity without the risk of getting really ill. It’s the joy of gaining immunity without the risk of getting sick — a win!

4. Get Vaccinated to safeguard the vulnerable

Get vaccinated

When you get vaccinated, you are not only protecting yourself but also the vulnerable population that cannot get vaccinated such as younger kids and people with the impaired immune system. These individuals are counting on others to protect them from getting infected with the virus.

5. The only way to reconnect with family and friends

Once you get vaccinated and your immunity has built up (which takes a few days after you are fully vaccinated), you can visit your loved ones. Isn’t it too boring to see the adorable people only on video calls? With vaccines, re-establish your connections and feel the joy of meeting them in-person

Honestly, I haven’t met any of my cousins or friends ever since the pandemic has started. I really miss those times, when we used to meet or go to family events together.


No, it doesn’t! Why– because it simply cannot! The vaccine does not include a live coronavirus; thus, it is not possible for the vaccine to give you the virus. Some people may experience some common (reported) side effects like a sore arm, mild fever, or tiredness, but that is it! These are simply the indications that your body’s immunity-building machine has been turned on and is revitalized to go.

7. Getting Jabbed is the quickest way to GET BACK TO NORMAL

Yay! Once the population is vaccinated, we are the way to freedom from masks and face shields. With the vaccine, you can expect to return to their normal lives. That means, no more work from homes, no masks, no social distancing. We can meet friends, family, attend social gatherings and live as well have lived our lives before COVID-19 had hit our lives hard.

I know, all this may take time but the FIRST step that we need to take is to GET JABBED ASAP, fearlessly.

Wrapping Up

Although, there are a lot of rumors and misleading information about vaccines for COVID-19. But, as you can see, there are clear benefits of getting vaccinated, therefore everyone should consider getting the shots. That’s the only way to protect yourself and your loved ones AND get back to the NORMAL that we all have missed during this dreadful phase of the pandemic.

Get Jabbed

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