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How to Start a Blog and have a Successful Career with it

Our ideas and innovations flow through our minds, furious because they do not find the means to flow and exert influence on the world, from the micro to the macro. Many of us want to start a blog for the idea of communicating our thoughts, our experiences, our criticisms and others through a free site, although, if you want advice in advance, it is preferable – if you want to succeed and make of your blog a career – investing money in your blog, with publicity, plugins of greater utility, better designs and others.

So how do you start a blog and succeed with it? Well, here we will give you the necessary tips to do it:

 Consider a reliable blogging platform: Though there are several blogging platforms available such as blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Medium and many more. In my personal opinion WordPress is best so far, but it does require little bit of investment in terms of owning domain name and hosting. On the other hand, if you do not want to spend anything initially Medium could be the best option. It’s a great place to start building audience from the very first day and share your writing with them. Later, you may consider moving to WP and divert your readers to your personal blog easily.

 Choose the theme: if at all you choose WordPress as your blogging platform, and taken domain name and hosting, next thing which is essential is choosing the right theme for your blog. A blog with identity is the most successful that can exist, and for this a specific theme is needed, to that the community interested in such a matter, be identified and know which site to turn to for such knowledge. There are so many free as well as premium themes offered by wordpress. You can consider a free theme to begin with, however as you move forward, buy a premium theme. Premium themes have so many features and plugins which are usually missing the free ones. Therefore, if you are really serious about making career as a blogger, do invest a little in themes.

 Find your niche: First of all, you must raise a goal, what do you want to achieve? Which audience do you want to attract? These two questions are indispensable to begin with. Do not take the initiative lightly. First, investigate in your mind and then proceed to the next step.

Investigate your competition: Due to the new digital age, competition has become much more numerous and difficult to beat, so, we will have to thoroughly investigate all the blogs created based on the theme you will choose for your website. It analyzes its content, its innovations, its level of popularity, the design of its web portals and others. All this will help you formulate an original strategy to compete with properties.

 Formulate a strategy: Once we have decided the subject, we have set the objectives and we have analysed the competition thoroughly, we can proceed to formulate a strategy to have original content, a beautiful and peculiar design, and also, unique, which may resemble, but cannot be identical or very similar to that of some rival of your competition.

 Be consistent: If you want to start a blog you must be constant with your content, you cannot publish a week and do it again a week later or in 15 days. You must dedicate time to your website, this in order that your visitors begin to frequent your web portal and little by little they become followers. Ideally, you should upload at least one daily or minimum item, one for every two days.

Content always leads: Be original, everyone enjoys reading, what comes from inside of the writers. Don’t worry about being an amateur; every pro was once an amateur. “The journey of 10000 miles begins with first step”. So, just go ahead and write allow people to comment and point out your mistakes. Instead of taking them those comments negatively, consider them as constructive feedback – a stepping stone.

 If you’ve used this guide to start your own blog, please do share your ideas and the challenges you are facing. I’d love to hear from you in comments below.

Feel free to share your experience when you start your blog, how you found using this post and more ideas to make blogging easier and interesting for others.

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