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What to do when your internet connection goes down?

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In this “online world” we hardly get time to do anything other than “being online”. Whether at work or at home or for that matter, even when we are commuting from one place to other. And just when we are about to send an important document to someone or while playing an online game, what to do, if the internet connection goes down.

Instead of getting dispersed, shouting at the IT guy or service provider and cribbing over the bad connectivity, let’s try doing these quick things that can certainly recharge us and give a boost to our tired minds:

1.)    Talk to a friend: In the era, where connecting and chitchatting with friends is so common, how often do we call them or personally go and meet them. This interruption gives you a quick break to call a friend and make them realize that you are special and being remembered.

2.)    Play quick games with real people: whether you are at workplace or at home, we surely have real people around us. They could your family members, children, team members, and colleagues or may be bosses. Try connecting with them by playing some games such as puzzles.  We do play lots of game over the internet, but how many times do we get the opportunity to connect with real life friends and play around with them. This has become a history now.  So, why not to make the best of this downtime and chill out with them.

3.)    Spend time with Nature: There is no better stress buster than the name. We try to do  some many things to get over the everyday stress some people meditation or yoga whereas others develop the habits of smoking or drinking excessive amount of alcohol, some of the people even start taking pills to relax their minds. However, there is not as quick and effective as walking under the trees, experiencing the flow of air and sitting under the sky for a while.



4.)    Get Creative: I often hear many people saying, they love some particular sport, art, music, cooking, dancing and many more activities, but don’t have time for them due to their tightly packed schedule. These hobbies and activities which we enjoy doing are responsible for our happiness and release stress out of the mind and we do not have time for them. Why not give this so called “unproductive time” to the tasks and that have the power to raise our productivity by recharging our spirits.


5.)    Most Importantly, Spend Time with yourself: In this face paced life, while running the rat race, we often forget who we really are. We forget our passions, creativity, things we love to do and genuinely “laugh out loud”.  Spending few minutes alone can help us getting closer to ourselves and discover what we are missing out while running after making our living.

So next time, when you are thrown back by the connectivity, try out some of these activities, there is a great possibility that you will feel more refreshed, rejuvenated and recharged then before, which will eventually help you improve your efficiency.

Please do share your ideas and thoughts in the “comment box”. I would love to hear from you and incorporate your points in the post. (Of course, along with your name).

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