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3 Alternative Jobs You Can Do If You’re A Doctor

3 Alternative Jobs You Can Do If You're A Doctor

Being a doctor is probably one of the most rewarding professions out there. Doctors such as Rachel Tobin Yale are not only encouraging healthy living but are also saving lives on the daily with accurate diagnoses and vital care. However, in addition to the rewards, there are also a lot of stressors and downfalls to working in medicine. It’a an extremely rigorous and time-consuming job where a lot of people take their work home because it’s difficult to disassociate what they experience after working in life and death situations. If you’re considering getting out of the field but aren’t quite sure what to do next, you have options. Here are three ways you can use your medical expertise in a different job.

1. Medical Writer

3 Alternative Jobs You Can Do If You're A Doctor
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Doctors amass a lot of knowledge and medical expertise throughout the years. They sometimes understand someone’s body better than that person does and know the ins and outs of why a body works the way it does. Many citizens are very interested in medical knowledge but have no desire to go to med school. As a medical writer, you can share your expertise with readers who may have a passion for healthcare but aren’t really sure where to begin. Many news outlets and magazines will employ experts in a specific field to write content and articles about their field of study. If you enjoy writing, this could be a perfect fit.

2. Consultant

The doors are wide open and super flexible in a consulting role. A consultant offers advice and consultations for clients because of the expertise they possess in a certain field. A hospital, large corporation or athletic team all may be interested in having a medically trained consultant on staff. You could serve as the eyes and ears of all things medical and advise your clients accordingly.

3. Health IT Contractor

If you enjoy technology and are up to date with advancements in the IT field, this job may be for you. As an IT Contractor, you could test new health-related software and implement products to hospitals. Since you know a lot about medical knowledge and healthcare routines, you would be a vital asset for a tech company to try out, give advice on and offer critiques of the technology the company you work for is developing. 

Wrapping Up

As a doctor, you know a lot about something many people can’t graze the surface of. If you’re looking for a new way to use your medical talents, there are ample ways you can do so in a new, exciting and fulfilling career in healthcare.

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