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3 Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

3 Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Within hours of taking his seat at the head of the nation, President-Elect Joe Biden signed the Paris Agreement on behalf of the USA.

This contract centers on working with 195 other nations to reduce global warming back down to pre-industrial levels within the next few years. Implementing solar power plays a major role in this initiative.

The federal government has done its bit to encourage the country’s transformation to solar, by implementing incentives for those who install solar. Isn’t it time you did yours?

Check out the far-reaching environmental benefits of solar energy to help you make up your mind. 

1. Solar Energy Helps Reduce Carbon Emissions

Conventional electricity relies on coal to produce power. This process emits huge amounts of carbon and other toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

This build-up of carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere is causing the planet to overheat. The result is extreme temperatures and violent, unseasonal weather events.

These disruptions in the natural order of things, cause chaos in the agricultural sector and affect the natural migration patterns of animals and birds.

Ultimately, global warming will cause our extinction if we don’t reduce these carbon emissions fast. Installing carbon-emission-free solar power is the best place to start.

According to Blue Raven solar company, solar panel installations can save billions of pounds worth of coal every month.

3 Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy
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2. Solar Power Is Sustainable

The coal used to generate electricity comes from sources deep within the Earth. These deposits are finite and are only expected to last for a few more decades.

Coal mining produces tons of carbon emissions and pollution that damage the environment, and disrupt huge tracts of land. By contrast, manufacturers use silicon, one of the most abundant resources on Earth, to create solar panels.

Finally, astrologists predict the sun will only go supernova in around 5 billion years, and we won’t be around to witness that. So, until then, we’ve got an abundant source of pollution-free electricity.

3. Solar Power Conserves Water Resources

Coal-burning power stations use millions of gallons of water to cool the machinery used to generate electricity. After it’s passed through their systems, this water is useless to man and beast.

They also take up vast tracts of land, detracting from the natural environment and displacing the animals and people that once called these places home.

Solar panel manufacturers use very little water to produce their equipment, and solar panels don’t use any water to generate power.

Beyond the Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

The environmental benefits of solar energy are important to ensure a brighter future for us all. Yet, there are many more pluses to going solar.

You’ll save a lot of money on your electricity bills when you opt for solar panels, and they can last for up to 30 years without any maintenance.

The solar industry employs thousands of workers around the country, too, helping promote economic growth and prosperity for all.

When you work with a solar energy company to set up your solar system, you’re creating a win-win situation for all. Would you like to discover some more things to make you smile? Keep browsing our blog.

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