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World Environment Day – How can we contribute at individual level?

World Environment Day

World Environment Day (a.k.a. WED) is celebrated every year on 5th of June. It is the United Nation’s method for encouraging the populace to be aware and take necessary actions for the protection of our environment, as much we take care of ourselves. Every year WED has a new theme which is easy for a common man to adopt and implement. Although, there are several major corporations, NGOs, communities, governments and celebrities who are primarily the influencers of the society, support and promote the environmental causes.

This year (2018) the theme is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. It is an opportunity for each one of us to fight against one of the great challenges of the present time.

If we intend, it would not take much effort on the individual’s end to reduce or completely cut down the use of plastic bags. We can make very simple changes in our lives to cut down the load of plastic pollution and eventually let the environment, wildlife, and even human beings to breathe better.

World Environment Day – How can we contribute at individual level?

Here are some of the simple ideas that can help us in reducing plastic pollution.

  • Avoid using straws, I am sure we can easily sip coffee or soft drink without using a straw. It’s the company of the person that matters, not the way we drink coffee 🙂.
  • While you go for the grocery shopping, take your own shopping bag.
  • Pick up the plastic bags that you see lying around your house or the park or the beach where you go for a nice, rejuvenating and healthful walk, after all, it’s effecting your own health too. Put them into right dustbin.
  • Avoid buying bottled water, when you can carry water from your home, sometimes, it’s not possible to avoid buying water, but at least we can make an effort to avoid it.
  • One thing that we can never underestimate is planting a tree. In order to fulfill our everyday needs, humans are cutting down the trees. Which is adding more to the environmental pollution as the number of warriors and saviors (the trees) is reducing every day. At times, we don’t have spaces in houses to have a garden, but if you place at least 1-2 indoor plants inside the rooms that purify the air in the surroundings. Most of the indoor plants give out oxygen 24 hours. So, having a small plant (even if it is inside) would be a great contribution to the environment.
  • Adding more to the above point, you can also consider “gift a plant”, to your family and friends. By gifting a plant you are gifting life to someone. We often get stuck in choosing the gifts for the loved ones because we have given them almost everything in last couple of years. Why not to try gifting some fresh air to breathe this year.

World Environment Day – How can we contribute at individual level?

Closing Words

Please share your ideas in the comment box. I am sure, there are many more ways, which we, as individuals can implement in our everyday life to overcome the environmental hazards #BeatPlasticPollution and make this planet, a better place to live for all of us and the generations to come.

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