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5 Exclusive Wildlife Encounters You Can Only Have in Luxury Serengeti Safaris

5 Exclusive Wildlife Encounters You Can Only Have in Luxury Serengeti Safaris

Whether you’re watching the Great Migration at Sayari Tented Camp or clinking glasses of bubbly at a bush dinner, Serengeti safaris offer unique and upscale encounters with Africa’s most iconic wildlife.

Experience the best of Tanzania’s pristine wilderness on a luxury East African safari, including the Big Five, breathtaking mountain scenery, and fascinating cultural interactions.

Private Game Drive

Embark on an unforgettable safari adventure with a private game drive and witness the stunning wildlife luxury Serengeti from your vehicle. Experience the awe-inspiring sights immortalized in countless nature documentaries and films.

After a rejuvenating coffee in your luxurious tented camp or lodge, begin your day with an exhilarating game drive in a specially built safari vehicle. Enjoy the company of a knowledgeable guide and spot giraffes, wildebeests, and other iconic wildlife.

Explore the pristine Serengeti Grumeti Reserves, an expansive private concession bordering the western boundary of the Serengeti National Park that offers high-density game viewing in an exclusive-use area twice the size of New York City. Located along the annual migratory route for massive herds of wildebeest, this is one of Africa’s most remarkable natural wonders.

Luxury Serengeti Safaris

Private Boat Ride

In the vast savannah of the Serengeti, the landscape offers many different safari experiences. For the most unique, take to the skies in a hot air balloon and enjoy spectacular views of the sweeping grasslands from high above. The Serengeti also offers several river crossings during the wildebeest migration between May and June.

Explore a range of luxury accommodations, including permanent, luxury tented camps, intimate mobile camps that move with the herds, and more. These luxurious camps offer a deluxe camping experience, with gourmet cuisine, hot bucket showers, flush toilets, and private butler service.

Private Night Drive

A trip to the Serengeti is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, so it’s essential to plan well to ensure you’ll have plenty of time to discover all this famed national park offers. In addition to traditional wildlife sightings, you can embark on guided riverwalks with expert guides to observe hippos and crocodiles or float over the vast landscape in a hot air balloon.

The ideal time to visit the Serengeti is during the dry season, as it provides optimal conditions for animal sightings. You can enjoy the herds and predators that roam the area daily while enjoying the peace and tranquility of the Serengeti wilderness at night. You can also indulge in safari-luxe experiences such as a private night game drive, romantic bush dining, and culture tours.

Private Night Walk

The pristine forest of Kinkajou is home to a fascinating array of creatures that come alive at night. Explore the forest with a knowledgeable guide on this night walking tour and discover tree frogs, shy snakes, colorful insects, and more.

Explore the remote Soit le Motonyi region of the eastern Serengeti and escape from the hordes of other vehicles on your private safari adventure. This wildlife-rich area offers open acacia woodland dotted with magnificent rocky outcrops and river systems. Large herds of migrating wildebeest and zebra can be found in the area, along with thriving predator populations.

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