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5 Things You Need to Put on Home School Graduation Announcements

5 Things You Need to Put on Home School Graduation Announcements

It’s a big day for your budding scholar — their big send-off to the future. And while it’s celebratory and joyous, it can also be daunting. How do you make sure they’re prepared? One of the most important things is to ensure that you include all of their upcoming information in one place on this very special card.

Here are five items that should go on every graduation announcement:

Date of the Graduation

The first thing you should remember to add on your homeschool graduation cards is the graduation dates. The date can be found on the diploma, of course, but it’s still important to add it on the announcement. That way folks will know when they should make their way to the school.


While this one seems pretty obvious, it’s important to include your name on the graduation announcement. This ensures that everyone knows whom you are talking about. Plus, it sets an important precedent for them now so that throughout their lives they know that people will want to know who they are.

Home School Graduation Announcements

Location of Graduation

Venue for the graduation ceremony is just as important as a wedding venue. While this seems like an item that’s only important to the person receiving the card, we all get a little excited when we know where things are. The location of you homeschool graduation can be a bit hard to pinpoint, but you can always include the number of miles it is from a reference. If there are multiple places where the ceremony will take place, let people know how far they would have to go and how much time it will take them to get there. You can try to add all these details on your graduation party design through a Graduation invitations maker.

Contact Information

If you want to make sure that your young scholar gets lots of presents, you’ve got to give out their address. This can be the hardest thing on a homeschool graduation card to remember, but it’s still important. Don’t forget the phone number and email address as well. These can all be used later if people have questions or want to know where they need to go in order to buy a present.

Special Things To Include

There are several other special information that should be included in the Card. This includes special information about the dress code, the types of gifts that are necessary, sports and activities, etc. It’s also good to include how many hours the student is putting in each day so that people can get a sense of how hard they are working.

Reception and Graduation Party info

In some instances, you will have to proceed to a reception where you will eat and have some activities. It is equally important to add every detail about the reception to your card. This includes the number of people you expect to attend, and any other important details, etc.

A graduation party is a special event just as important as the graduation itself. You can invite everyone that was at the graduation ceremony to the party and make sure you include all the details in your card. It is important that you include all these details because it shows that you are taking things seriously and want everyone to be there for your scholar.

Special Thank You Notes and comments

Home School Graduation

If you really want to show your thanks for the help that was given to you during your time as a homeschooler, you should send out a special thank you note. This can be in the form of a gift that is sent to their home or even just a simple thank you note left on the door step.

Closing Words

A lot of people don’t realize that a graduation announcement is very similar to a wedding invitation. This might be one of the only times you’ll have to send out a formal announcement of your child’s achievement. Take it seriously and create a nice card that will showcase your scholar’s accomplishments in the best light possible. If you need further assistance, try visiting any local marketing professional or using online resource to help you create something unique and memorable.

Home School Graduation Announcements

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