A Look at Dog Friendly Destinations in Denver

A Look at Dog Friendly Destinations in Denver
  1. If you’re a woman who recently moved to Denver, you likely still have questions about what the city has to offer. Indeed, there are Denver natives who are still learning about all of the extensive, amazing things that are available in the Mile High City.

An attribute of Denver that ranks high with women and men alike is how dog friendly the city is in many different ways.

Denver is a city filled with people, and canines, on the go. Thus, as a woman with a dog recently settled in the community, a heads up on the ins and outs of dog friendly destinations in the city is invaluable and provided for you here.

Tremendous Dog Parks

A key reason why Denver is such a pet friendly community is because of its solid selection of well-maintained dog parks. These include Railyard Dog Park. This is a one-acre dog park located in the LoDo district (at the lower edge of downtown). This is an off-leash dog park, with shaded areas, benches, and a water fountain. Railyard was created by a group of downtown Denver dog owners.

Fuller Park Dog Park is located between the up and coming Five Points neighborhood and City Park West. This is a one-acre dog park. It is fenced in and located behind Manual High School.

Berkeley Lake Dog Park is situated on two acres and is located near the iconic Lakewood Amusement Park. It is west of downtown. The Berkeley Lake Dog Park comes complete with a special area for pooches under 25 pounds.

Cherry Creek State Park is located just south of the city of Denver, but part of the metro area, the off-leash dog park is a 107 acre expanse that is part of the larger state park. Dogs can also enjoy the state park on-leash and enjoy walking miles of trails with their owners.

Great Dog Walking Locales

Denver is also home to a number of great, safe, and enjoyable dog walking locales, beyond the noted dog parks and the huge Cherry Creek State Park. These include:

City Park: The park sits on over 300 magnificently landscaped acres. It is also home to the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and a golf course. Pooches and their owners can be seen enjoying the park all the year around.

Cheesman Park: Situated in central Denver amidst turn of the 20th century mansions and other lovely residences, Cheesman Park is an idyllic spot to walk or even play Frisbee or catch with your dog. As an aside, Cheesman Park is the focal point for many LGBT activities in the community, all of which as dog friendly events.

Washington Park: Located a bit south of Cheesman Park, Washington is a 155 acres and features not one, but two, lakes. The park is popular with dog owners and others. The Park features an amazing boat house as well as gardens that are exact replicas of what George Washington maintained at his Mount Vernon estate.

Confluence Park: This park offers fantastic views of the Denver downtown skyline. It is an ideal place to walk a dog and is very convenient to people who live in and around downtown. The park also features live music via a free concert series on Thursday nights during the summertime.

Sloan’s Lake Park: The second largest of Denver’s parks, Sloan’s Lake Park is located due west of downtown. It is situated in the midst of the vibrant Highlands neighborhood, one of the most dynamic districts in the Denver metro area. There is plenty of space to walk a dog in this park.

Dog Friendly Eats and Drinks

Numerous eateries and drinking establishments are highly dog friendly. Rare is the day when you don’t see a pooch enjoying the patio of one of these venues with his or her owner. The 13 most highly rated dog friendly destinations in Denver of this type are:

  • The Watering Bowl – 5411 Leetsdale Drive
  • Denver Beer Company – 1695 Platte Strteet
  • The Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project – 925 W. 8th Avenue
  • Forest Room 5 – 2532 15th Street
  • Subculture – 1300 Pennsylvania Street
  • Racine’s 650 Sherman Street
  • City O’ City – 206 E. 13th Avenue
  • Govnr’s Park Tavern – 672 Logan Street
  • Thin Man Tavern – 2015 E. 17th Avenue
  • Mark’s Coffeehouse – 2019 E 17th Avenue
  • Pub on Penn – 1278 Pennsylvania Street
  • Prost Brewing – 2540 19th Street
  • Renegade Brewing Co – 925 W. 9th Avenue


This is a guest post by Jessica Kane is a writer for Handicapped Pets, your most trusted source for dog wheelchairs and harnesses.

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