Airport Parking Lot Safety Tips to Secure Your Vehicle

Airport Parking Lot Safety Tips

Air travel is a convenient and fast way to travel the world. Visitors to Philadelphia International Airport may drive, which means they need to find somewhere to park. There are lots all around the airport, so you have your choice in where you want to leave your vehicle while you’re away. 

Choose a Busy Airport Parking Lot

While you might shirk at the thought of choosing a busy parking lot, this could be the safest option for your vehicle. The busy lots always have people moving around them, which means that it would be hard for someone to break into a vehicle without someone noticing. 

Pick a Secured Lot

You shouldn’t park your vehicle in an unsecured lot because there’s nobody watching what’s going on. Instead, choose a lot that has an attendant or that is fenced. Having both of these is beneficial. You can review parking lots at the Philly airport online ahead of time so you know which one has the features and rates that appeal to you.

Remove All Valuables

Remove all valuables from your vehicle. This includes changes that you might make to the console. You never know what someone is looking for when they’re trying to take things from vehicles. For some people, a couple of dollars in coins can mean getting something to eat. Remove all electronics and anything that looks like it might be hiding something valuable. You may need to empty the vehicle at home so nobody sees you doing this in the airport parking lot. 

Lock the Doors and Secure the Windows

A huge step to take when leaving the car safe is making sure that the windows are rolled up and the doors are locked. This makes it more difficult for a thief to slip in and take things. They’ll have to break the windows instead, which would make a lot of noise and draw attention to them. Additionally, arm the alarm so it will make a noise if anyone does anything to the vehicle. Thieves want to get in and get out unnoticed, so the more they have to do and the greater chance of someone noticing them could be deterrents.

Taking the time to ensure your vehicle is ready for parking at the airport is important. You’ll be able to enjoy your vacation more if you know that you’ve left your vehicle in a safe place and in a condition that minimizes the risk of someone breaking in.

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