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Natural Vs Synthetic Skincare Products

Choosing NatNatural Vs Synthetic Skincare Productsural Products over Synthetic Ones

Choosing skincare products that are natural organic as alternative to synthetic products are safe. There are thousands of ads about synthetic formulas and they ensure working better and offering best result. There are small companies also producing beauty and natural items, but fail to get recognition as they cannot afford to spend money on advertising.  Choosing natural products over the synthetic ones is apparent now as people have become health conscious.

The awareness of natural beauty products have resulted as it contains natural and organic ingredients that are safe for skin and health than the synthetic chemicals. The beauty industry is gaining utmost popularity due to natural or organic products.

Organic Products

Today, in this busy world, it is important to stay away from the toxic loads. This is the reason people are now considering drinking filtered and clean water, buy natural products for skin care and eat organic stuffs. The organic products are grown or cultivated without using synthetic chemicals and bear the ‘organic’ certification. They are free from modified dyes, preservative substances, heavy metals and synthetic fragrances. The labels all-natural safe and pure are regulated by FDA, yet some natural and pure cleansers or toners have hazardous chemicals. Thus, it is important to keep a strict watch on the labels.

Natural Vs Synthetic Skincare Products – Which one is better?


Natural skin care products are safe as they contain natural plant-based materials. If the label has ‘organic’, it means it has 95% organic components, and the remaining may include non-organic ingredients. If it has the label of pure organic, the product has 100-percent organic stuffs.


Natural cosmetics improve skin health and can be used even if your skin is sensitive. It reduces the irritation or itching, if any. Many companies using synthetic chemicals go for cheaper products. The natural cosmetics or skincare products such as wrinkle creams have the same impact as oils and natural moisturizers and are rightly accepted by skin. Besides, chemicals in skin care products make people grow fat.

If the skin care products that you are using is too strong or laced with hard chemicals, it can have an adverse effect on your skin. You might start experiencing problems like your skin getting very dry, or very oily. It is essential that you always opt for dermatologically tested products if you have dry skin. To explore the best skin care products, please read more here.


Natural beauty products give nourishment to the skin; thereby you look fresh and young. It will keep you and your skin healthy and radiant but will work slowly and cause no side effects. Thus, there is a need to choose natural products than synthetic ones.

There are crucial reasons for supporting natural supplements:

Supplements do not help your health 

Dietary supplements have very little impact on health and all supplements are not created equally. So to receive the best from supplements, it must be formulated in one way same as the natural products. The refined supplements have less nutritional value. The synthetic supplements contain a combo of antioxidants, enzymes and other ingredients required to conduct the function in the supplement and these fail to help your health.

The exact difference between natural and synthetic products

The ingredients that are not coming from natural sources are synthetic supplements. The unnatural ingredients mimic the performance of the natural substance and it has an undesired effect. Nevertheless, the natural supplements have ingredients derived from plants and they are not prepared or processed in some lab environments.

Final Words

Synthetic Skincare products are great for getting quick effects. However, in long run these products show up some side-effects. Whereas, Natural Skincare Products may show slow effects, but they are harmless. So, take it as “Slow and steady wins the race” 🙂

Negative effects

Synthetic products are not improving your health and also pose health risks. It has additives used in the process of manufacturing and this is done aiming to increase the production. These additives are mostly binders and fillers containing lactose ingredients provoking allergic reactions. Besides, these additives result in absorption decrease.

Why opt for natural supplements?

Natural supplements are without the addition of additives or any type of artificial colouring. The natural supplements are formulated using the ingredients derived from natural plant sources. It is used in combination keeping with regular exercise, a balanced diet and this makes the natural dietary supplements highly effective and the response is good in the long term, besides it eliminates health risks.

Supplements actually cost much to produce health care products, especially when they have to include vitamins. Instead the natural supplements grow in sunlight that it is abundant in vitamin D. These supplements ensures long term benefits and improved well being and good health. The supplements are said to do miracles, but in reality it is not true. The natural substances promote brain power and immune system, besides offering anti-inflammatory benefits. Thus, opting for natural products are recommended than the synthetic supplements and products.

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Organic vs Chemical Skin care

When it comes to choosing Natural Vs Synthetic Skincare Products; make a wiser decision. You may like to read more about Natural skin care tips.


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