Let’s Redefine the Way Of Celebration This Festive Season

Let's Redefine the Way Of Celebration This Festive Season

Festive Season is around the corner, in fact, we are in the FESTIVE MOOD today too, but haven’t we been celebrating them the same way for years now? If yes, it’s time to redefine your way of celebration, and as always, we have got you covered with some AMAZING IDEAS! 

For many of us, this season of festivities is something we have been longing for, for quite a few months. The feeling of spending a week without any work just amazes much. Also, there are merely and daily commitments, one’s free to do anything and literally everything. 

Maybe for some, it can be a very busy time of the year, but a few aren’t able to celebrate festivals much because of the fear of after-festival stress. It might be because you would have crammed in a lot with whatever energy you had. And to help you with this cause, we are here to make sure that you come out of the festival season more refreshed and relaxed than ever. 

Let's Redefine the Way Of Celebration This Festive Season
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1. Practice Saying No (When Required)

You don’t have to be on your feet this festive season, learn to say NO to any social invitation you don’t want to get at. There’s a different kind of joy in missing out, and now is the time to stop overcommitting, and start putting yourself first.

Obviously, there would come a time where your parents and relatives might get upset because of you, but it’s time for you to recharge your energy for yourself and everyone. Say NO, pick and choose things accordingly, and don’t feel guilty about anything.

2. Social Media Detox Is The Need Of The Hour!

Do you remember when was the last time you switched off your phone for a while? Or let’s say it this way, which was your last festival celebrated without a mobile phone? Most of us probably won’t even remember the dates and months. It’s great to stay updated with friends, family, and relatives, but at the same time, it’s the most energy zapping thing to do. 

Hence, in this festival season try taking a day of digital detox and just do what makes you feel great. And in the end, you might get surprised that there are much more areas of your life left to be discovered.

3. Build Your Sleep Routine

Festival celebrations are a time when work can go somewhat out of the window, but it should not. It might sound tempting to stay awake all night long and talk to relatives, but in reality, it can affect your mood a lot. Try building a sleep routine to support your body’s natural circadian rhythm. You can aim for at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep time, because trust us, a good nap can really make or break your day. Here is Why Sleep Is So Important to Your Health?

4. Give Your Mind A Break

Festivals are going to come every year, and that doesn’t mean you should not take a break. To get the most out of the celebration, give yourself a day to rest and recover from the year-long hustles. This rest and recovery just doesn’t limit to physical work, but even mentally. Have a break from intense workouts and just go for a walk in nature, or do some gentle stretching. 

Understand that festivals are meant for celebrating, and celebration truly varies from person to person. If you’re happy being silent and doing yoga, it’s the best celebration for you. 

Here are some amazing ways to give yourself a mental break and spend some quality Me-Time.

5. Try Out New Celebration Alternatives (We Got Some Amazing Options)

You need not have to do traditional activities or follow old age rituals to stay happy in this festival season. Things have changed, so should your plans too. One of the best ways to celebrate happiness is by sharing happiness, and orphanages are the best place for this cause. You can visit orphan children and street kids and share sweets and chocolates with them. 

Not just this, you can go all eco-friendly this Diwali by opting for innovative ideas like Beej Pataka. Many brands are promoting different types of seeds in the shape of anaar, chakri, and rocket which can be planted in pots. In this way, you can encourage younger generations or little ones of your home to go all green and make the earth a beautiful place to live in.

Wrapping Up

This festival season demands peace of mind, and not a mind full of troubles. Sometimes, you might get caught in the day-to-day activities, but keeping these tips in mind, will surely help you stay in peace throughout the week. Know that festivals are the start of another great time, get honest with yourself, and keep the positivities coming! 

Team GetSetHappy wishes everyone a bright, stress-free, mindful, and very very happy Diwali! 

It’s The Time Of The Year To Truly, GET-SET-HAPPYYYY!!

Let’s Redefine the Way Of Celebration This Festive Season

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