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How Hashtags Can Supercharge Small Business?

Hashtags for Small Business

Hashtag – What exactly is this?

Let’s begin with the simplest definition – A word or phrase preceded by a (#), used within a message to categorize a keyword or topic of interest and enable a search for it. Whenever a user adds a hashtag to the post, it gets indexed by the social network and becomes searchable or discoverable by other users. Once you click on that hashtag, it will take you to a page that sums all of the posts with the same hashtag. For example, if you clicks on the hashtag #getsethappy, you will be able to see a page that aggregates all content with the same hashtag.

As the keyword (preceded by #) picks up enough thrust, it becomes “trending.” Everyone’s trending topics are unique, based on their location, social connections and interests.

Hashtags boosts impressions and improve the visibility of your content at the same time, it also encourage more people to talk about your brand.

However to use it effectively, you need do more than just plug them into your tweets or posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or another social network.

Here’s what you need to know to use hashtag marketing better as part of your overall online marketing strategy.

What is hashtag marketing?

Hashtag Marketing
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It is the practice of using hashtags tactically to help your content reach your projected audience.

Choosing the relevant hashtags within your post can help it to sky-rocket– your content would gain better exposure and engagements in terms of more views, likes, retweets, and shares. This is what any business ultimately needs.

Types of Hashtags

Trending Hashtags – A trending hashtag is the one related to any trending subject. It could be anything – an event or news, a brand or simply any piece of information about which lots of users are talking.

While you share any information on your social handle, using a Trending hashtag, related to it, can help the information reach wider network that eventually helps you in reaching everyone who is following that particular hashtag.

On the other hand, starting a new hashtag and making it grow requires more time and work than simply becoming a part of larger conversation that is enjoying a moment of popularity (this is what you do, when you use a trending hashtag in your conversation)

How to use Hashtags for Traffic

Although, trending hashtags can’t be relied on for long-term engagement, but they are great for grabbing the moment and take advantage of a brief, but extremely popular subject.

So, basically, you don’t need to use ONLY trending hashtag in your post, but you need to pair it with content linked to that trending topic or event to help your business reach new audience.

Niche Hashtags

Niche hashtags are the great choice for existing communities, fields and industries. For example – if you are into travel related business, using the related hashtags can help you reach the niche audience (who are following those niche hashtags). These are the people who would have interest in reading your posts or about your business.

How to use Hashtags for business

You can start by searching the hashtags your competitors are using. Besides, there are so many tools and mobile apps available that help you in finding relevant hashtags, such as all-hashtags, most of them are free.

Other example could be, if you offer web designing and branding services to small business you can use additional hashtags such as #SmallBusiness, #webDesign, #branding, #onlinemarketing to reach the targeted audience (small business).

Or if you are a lifestyle blogger you may use #lifestyleblog, #blogpost etc. to reach those who enjoy reading lifestyle related blogs.

How many Hashtags in a post?

The number of hashtags for optimum results varies with platform. For twitter its best to 1-4 hashtags in a post (you anyways have a limit of characters for writing :D)

However, on Instagram, the story is a little different. The more hashtags you use, the more engagement you see. It’s better to use maximum of 10-12 hashtags, otherwise you risk losing out on some of that engagement.

On Facebook 2-4 hashtags are advisable and for LinkedIn, keep the number limited to 1-2.

Final Words

Using hashtags can supercharge your small business online by letting you to make an imprint on a wider audience on social media. So, Make sure you’re sharing the best content, and making the right imprint.

How Hashtags Can Supercharge Small Business?

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