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Meet The Champ #5 – Charu Lata

Meet The Champ #5 - Charu Lata

Welcome to my blog interview series – Meet The Champ #5, where we have the pleasure of sitting down with experts who inspire and guide us toward a more mindful and fulfilling life. Today, we have the honor of speaking with Charu, a mindfulness coach.

Join us as we delve into the transformative power of mindfulness and discover the wisdom and guidance Charu has to offer.

How did you become interested in mindfulness and what led you to pursue a career as a mindfulness coach?

Charu: I was introduced to the practice of Yog while in middle school. My focused approach began in 2003, due to a medical condition. This immensely benefitted me physically and emotionally. In 2014, the detection of a brain tumor threw me off-guard and serious attention to mindfulness happened! I did immersive workshops to understand my state, gradually uncovering the threads. my self-practice gave me confidence in the practice of mindfulness, making me determined to share the benefits with all those whose lives she touches.

How do you approach teaching mindfulness to individuals with different levels of experience or understanding?

Charu: I usually approach my sessions by easing clients with some story! One of my favorites is about a “King who had a boon that whatever he touches will become gold. This is a pretty neat boon for becoming the richest in the world, isn’t it? However, soon it created difficulties when he was not able to eat or drink or hold his child.” Unfortunately, many individuals begin with a “problem mindset” that whatever they are involved, it is a crisis. As a coach, I take time, skill, and careful planning to build the session with each individual. Key “is to take a different perspective.” 

How do you create a safe and supportive environment for your clients during mindfulness coaching sessions?

Charu: I take the ‘safe & supportive’ environment role a step further by knowing each client as a full being with family, friends, and other interests. Use of positive language, being non-judgmental, patient, and kind. Staying calm is underrated, however, it’s one of the most important characteristics of (any) coach. 

I also believe that no question is too small to ask and no topic should be off the table. As always, you are their role model for how to treat others on the team. Display kindness, compassion, encouragement, and support at all times.

Feel free to laugh with your clients and be vulnerable.

Charu Lata - Mindfulness coach

Are there any specific populations or groups of people that you specialize in working with as a mindfulness coach?

When I started my entrepreneurial journey as a young management consultant, I made some small & big mistakes for me, the biggest being under-selling myself. Now as a Mindfulness coach, she loves working with she/he/them prone to undermining their capabilities.

I acknowledge that it can be really tough to build confidence in these types of people through the practice of mindfulness, but it’s not impossible. 

She is looking for ways to embed positive thinking with consistent practice.

What are your views on the integration of technology and mindfulness? How do you utilize or incorporate technology into your coaching practice, if at all?

Charu: All tools are welcome! Technology has made access to tools, teachers, and practices extremely simple. With the integration, associated learning cost has drastically reduced, follow-ups are easy, and beyond that practice of Mindfulness requires only the presence of self.

Can you provide some practical tips or advice for someone who wants to start incorporating mindfulness into their life but doesn’t know where to begin?

Charu: Begin where you are. One may begin with – 

  • Setting an intention
  • Slowing down
  • Designating and dedicating time [5-20 minutes] for practicing mindfulness every day
  • Building networks/connection

How do you handle situations where a client is experiencing strong emotions or facing significant challenges during a mindfulness session?

Charu: Our emotions are like waves in the vast ocean of consciousness. It’s natural for waves to rise and recede. Whenever, a client experiences high tides, as my/his mindfulness coach, I safely hold the space. The non-judgmental, compassionate body language and words further guide them to become accepting of their emotions. Intense emotions teach to be free, from the self and set up barriers and pain.

How do you ensure cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in your coaching practice, considering the diverse backgrounds and experiences of your clients?

Charu: My coaching sessions, provide safe spaces means this is where clients are encouraged to overcome their biases and consider the situation with new lenses. This enables open communication, connection, creativity, collaboration and moderate risk-taking. These are all essential ingredients for high-value-creating sessions focused with diversity and inclusion. Creating safe spaces sounds easy but is a soft skill that must be developed deliberately. They should feel comfortable sharing their concerns or new ideas, or else those ideas will be lost. It’s important to remember that Mindfulness coaching is not counseling or therapy. We are practicing gratitude.

What sets you apart as a mindfulness coach? How do you create a unique and valuable experience for your clients?

Charu: I hold spaces for my clients! Not only an amazing listener, she brings with my years of experience as a primary caretaker in my family. When she’s with you, you experience the power of NOW. The micro-practices she helps you incorporate into the daily routine enable the clients to feel themselves without judgment. This gradually translates into a shift of attitude towards the rest of the beings. 

Mindfulness has to be experienced. “Slow and steady is the name of the game”.

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up this enlightening conversation with Charu, it’s clear that mindfulness is more than just a practice—it’s a way of life. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Charu for sharing their invaluable insights, techniques, and experiences. Let us remember the profound words of Charu as we embark on our own mindful journeys, embracing the present moment and nurturing our inner peace. May mindfulness continue to guide us toward a life of clarity, compassion, and authenticity.

Know more about Charu Lata on her website Chithh.

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