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Sexy Long Sleeve Crop Tops

Sexy Long Sleeve Crop Tops

Solado – The best collection of crop top for women:

A wardrobe with a crop top or even several is an ideal wardrobe to follow the latest trends. In recent years, the sexy long sleeve crop top for women has continued to seduce those who want to highlight their size. Bra style, short t-shirt, but also blouse or even evening top, the crop top for women is worn in many different versions and on different occasions.

Sexy Long Sleeve Crop Tops

The unbeatable combo of high-waist trousers and crop top for women

If you want to give in to the crop top trend for women, but you don’t know exactly how to wear this type of item, there is an assembly that never fails: the one with high-waisted pants.

High-waisted pants and especially jeans have been part of the basics of the dressing room for some time now. More comfortable than the low waist, it highlights the silhouette and elongates the leg. The crop top for women then goes wonderfully with the high-waisted pants since it notably allows you to reveal the waist without completely discovering the navel.

A crop top for the day:

To create a casual outfit, you can therefore opt for high-waisted mom jeans to match with a women’s crop top of the desired style. This type of ensemble is very easy to create and allows you to find a pretty outfit without having to think too much. A pair of sneakers and you’re done.

A crop top for the evening:

You can also choose a dressier version of this type of outfit to go out for a drink, for example. Then opt for high-waisted trousers, but in a tailored trouser style with a slightly more sophisticated women’s crop top.

A crop top for a casual outfit:

The sexy jumpsuit xs for women is also very well worn at home by creating a comfortable outfit dedicated to relaxation. It can be matched with leggings or high-waisted jogging pants. This is an ideal outfit for a day at home, but also for going shopping in a comfortable setting, for example.

Which crop top to choose?

Having a wardrobe with a crop top is good, but having several models is even better. A multitude of possibilities are available to you in terms of style thanks to the crop top because it comes in many shapes so that everyone can find the one that suits them.

The t-shirt of the tank top version

Initially, the crop top is rather a short t-shirt with a cutout that precisely allows you to reveal the waist while maintaining the loose or, on the contrary, tight effect of the chosen t-shirt.

Comfortable and simple, this type of cut is a widely validated version of the crop top for women. For mid-season, you can also consider choosing a long-sleeved crop top. Today there are also tank top models that are also very easy to wear daily. The colors, patterns, and cuts may vary according to his style of dress and according to his desires of the moment.

Sexy Long Sleeve Crop Tops

The openwork version for evening and summer:

For the summer, but also evenings with friends, the crop top for women is in a more openwork and sexy version. Bandeau cut, bareback, or more work, reveals the body in a more or less pronounced way to create a much more sophisticated look.

Whether it’s going out dancing with friends or going for a drink on the beach, this openwork version of the crop top is ideal! It can be matched with high-waisted pants of course, but also why not shorts or a high-waisted skirt?

The blouse or shirt version:

There are also blouse or shirt style models. Just like a classic blouse or shirt, there are fluid materials, sometimes lace, but also the possibility of buttoning or tying the garment.

The only difference is that again this is a short version. Bardot-style tops with bare shoulders are particularly very trendy and perfect for choosing an outfit that is both easy to wear and sophisticated.

The pullover or sweatshirt version:

Finally, the cooler seasons are no excuse to drop the crop top for women. In autumn, for example, the knit is also worn in a short version with small sweaters with a revisited cut. This is also the case with sweatshirts. We can thus find models with long sleeves and with a turtleneck, hood, wide neckline, and of course more or less tight-fitting. In this way, the crop top for women can be worn all seasons as it is one of the trendy sets.

Black cropped:

Yeah, who doesn’t love a little black dress in the composition of any look, right? And with the 

cropped, it would be no different. Being able to go from the most casual to the most formal look, the black crop can give an even sexier look to the piece, thanks to the color that refers to sensuality.

And to have a look worthy of this piece, the main tip is to get away from the basics of color when adhering to it. Since black is basic, you should bet on more flashy accessories, in addition to choosing the most embroidered models, with beads, studs, and prints, among others.

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