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guide to the Himalayas!!

An adventure enthusiast guide to the Himalayas!!

Majestic! The first word that strikes anybody when we talk about the Himalayas. This extensive range of mountains extends from Jammu & Kashmir on the brim of India till Assam and West Bengal on father ends. The natural grandeur…

5 Ways To Have an Awesome Hiking Trip

5 Ways To Have an Awesome Hiking Trip

Whether you are planning to go hiking in a national park or spend your entire weekend on a trail, you will need proper preparation as well as planning. Your hiking can result in a very awful experience if you…

How to travel with a paddleboard like a pro
Lifestyle Travel

How to travel with a paddleboard like a pro?

Do you love paddling and the adventure that comes along with it and probably don’t have any idea how to travel with your paddleboard? Well, you are not alone. Most people actually think that travelling with a paddleboard is…

Gulmarg - Heaven on Earth
Lifestyle The High Vibes Zone Travel

Gulmarg – Heaven on Earth

When you’re looking for serene tourist places in India, one place which you will often come across is Gulmarg. Gulmarg is located in Kashmir. Over the years, it has not only become popular among domestic travelers but also among…