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How to travel with a paddleboard like a pro?

How to travel with a paddleboard like a pro

Do you love paddling and the adventure that comes along with it and probably don’t have any idea how to travel with your paddleboard? Well, you are not alone. Most people actually think that travelling with a paddleboard is a hard task. But with the right tips, it shouldn’t be a hassle. This article will take you through all what you need to get your board to your travel destination.

Choose your paddleboard correctly

The market offers a wide variety of paddleboards to choose from. But one thing most people do not understand is that each board is not the same. Manufacturers use different materials to design them with most common materials being inflatable and solid types.  Each one of these has its benefits and challenges. And although solid boards are stronger as compared to inflatable type, they are not a great pick especially when you are planning to travel.

In addition solid paddleboards are heavy which explains why most people encounter challenges when on a trip. And for you to transport your board with ease you will need an inflatable paddleboard. However, while these boards are lightweight and flexible, you have to be sure you invest in the right quality.

Paddleboards are designed differently, and choosing one that withstands the test of time may be challenging due to the increase of different brands on the market. The type of inflatable board you choose will also be dictated by the type of paddling you intend to do.  Whether you require a quality SUP for fishing, or for your yoga exercises, or for paddling, you can check here and select your preferred model that meets your needs.

Test your paddleboard

Whether your paddleboard is new or you have been using it before, it is a good idea to test it and ensure everything is working correctly. This is one of the mistakes people do when traveling only to realize that the board is not working correctly when they badly need to go SUPing. This can be risky especially if you happen to encounter faults when paddling.

Pack your board properly

Paddleboards need to be handled with great care otherwise you may end up damaging them. And for you to minimize challenges when carrying your board around, you will require a SUP bag. Go for a bag with extra padding inside and of the right size. Do not choose a bag exactly the size of your board. It may not fit well or you may lack enough space for storing your pins, pump, leash, fin screws and gears. Always know the size of your board before making your purchase.

A quality padded bag is not enough to protect your board. You will need to add extra padding on the tail, nose, and broader points. Wrap your gear and wax with a soft cloth and pack them separately. Some airlines do not allow customers to travel with fin screws or wax. Take advantage of your travel bag and wrap them in your clothes to avoid any distress

Choose your mode of transport

Choosing your preferred mode of transport is very critical and in this case, it will depend on where you plan to tour. In case you happen to own a vehicle and do not intend to travel long distances or cross borders then it is a good idea to make use of your car. This is not only convenient but also helps you to cut down on costs.

If you happen to travel by air, you will require to plan early and adequately. Ensure you book your flight early enough to avoid any frustrations. But before then, you will need to familiarize yourself with the airline policies. Calculate the charges in regards to the size and weight of your luggage.

If you are on a family tour and you have several boards, ensure you have budgeted well. In case anything is not clear, inquire first before booking your flight. It can be stressful to book your plane only to get turned down just because you had not taken your time to familiarize yourself with the airline travel rules.

Make things easy for you

Think of a scenario where someone else has a similar paddleboard bag like yours, and some confusion arises and you end up picking the wrong baggage. Only to reach your destination and find that you cannot have fun simply because of the confusion that would have been avoided. This is why it is good to take advantage of labels or tags.

Write your name and contact information on the labels and stick them on your bags for easy identification.

Get ready to take your flight

After you are through with the preparations, you can double check if you have everything you need. Once you are sure you have everything, you can hire a vehicle to take you to the airline to have your flight.

Assemble your paddleboard

Once you arrive at your destination, assemble your board and ensure pressure level is maintained. Do not rush to the waters. Take your time and relax before taking your adventure. Do not just assume. Even if you have been to the same place severally, you will need to familiarise yourself with the prevailing weather conditions in order to determine the best time to have fun. You can take advantage of Google.

However, do not rely much on the information. Time changes and since you are new to the place, it is a good idea to consult the locals. Get to know what time of the day the tides are high and safe areas to use.

Safety precautions

  • Put on a wetsuit when paddling
  • Wear a life jacket
  • Have a whistle with you before taking your adventure to help you call for help. Know the rules ( three consecutive whistle blows is a signal for help)
  • Avoid taking the adventure alone. Ensure you have someone close
  • Have a waterproof phone with you if possible just in case the unexpected strikes
  • Do not paddle for long hours especially if you are a beginner. Take breaks in between and relax
  • Make sure you are well hydrated before commencing your escapade.


Traveling with a paddleboard should not be rocket science. All you need is to put the above tips into practice, and you will find it easy to travel anywhere across the globe with ease.

How to travel with a paddleboard like a pro?
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