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Teeth Straightening with Damon Braces

Teeth Straightening with Damon Braces

With the advancements made in invisible teeth straightening techniques such as Invisalign, many people choose to turn their back on traditional metal braces when it comes to straightening their teeth in favour of these alternative options.

However, this doesn’t mean that traditional metal brace technology has stood still. Just like other dental technologies, the Damon system braces have evolved out of regular brace design and are now what most dentists consider to be the gold standard for metal brace treatments.

While Damon braces are still relatively new on the orthodontic scene, and they do cost a bit more to wear than traditional metal braces, they have a lot of great benefits over standard braces that make them worth considering.

Why are Damon braces different?

With traditional metal braces, the archwire is attached to the brackets of the brace using elastic ligatures. The Damon braces, however, use self-ligating braces instead. This means that the brace brackets have a component that closes around the wire to keep it attached.

What this means to the wearer is that aesthetically Damon brace brackets are far less noticeable than with traditional metal braces. Also, with the Damon self-ligating brace technology your teeth can move more freely and this will reduce the treatment time.

Damon brace wearers also report experiencing less pain during treatment too, so there is another plus point for this system.

The advantages of Damon Braces

While most adults will choose an invisible brace treatment, especially if they are image-conscious or work in a face to face environment where presentation is important, what cannot be disputed is that choosing Damon braces can actually reduce your teeth straightening treatment time, meaning you can get the results you desire much quicker.

In a comparative study, Damon brace wearers experienced treatment times that were more than six months shorter than traditional metal braces, so Damon brace technology is now even surpassing its traditional predecessor.

With traditional metal braces, the elastics used in the construction can accumulate bacteria and plaque build-up. The braces can also become discoloured from consuming strong foods and drinks. However, by removing these ligatures in the Damon brace design you can benefit from a cleaner mouth and better oral health.

So if you want the smile that you desire in the quickest possible time, it is worth considering using the Damon brace system to straighten your teeth.

Consult with Glow Dental

Glow Dental Battersea offers a comprehensive range of effective orthodontic treatments for teeth straightening, including:

  • Incognito and Lingual Braces
  • Standard Metal Braces
  • Invisible Ceramic Braces
  •  Removable Appliances
  • Invisalign
  • Six Month Smiles
  • Inman Aligners
  • Damon Braces
  • Cfast Braces
  • Clarity

You can consult with one of our orthodontists to find out whether Damon braces are the best option for you. No matter which method of teeth straightening we recommend to suit your individual needs, your resulting smile will be well worth the time and effort that you invest in it.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at Glow Dental Battersea to discuss your teeth straightening needs. We are here to help!

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