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5 UK Restaurants That Serve Vegetarian Food – Rated best!

5 UK Restaurants That Serve Vegetarian Food

Finding an entirely vegetarian restaurant in the UK is quite a daunting task. If you are visiting the UK for the first time, you will literally give up, but to our surprise, there are a lot of hidden vegetarian gems here, rocking the game already.

The reason is, so many people in the nation have joined the “health and environment-friendly” eating bandwagon. Many are trying to give up meat, and for that reason, several UK restaurants have come up with fingerlicking meat substitutes. The chefs in these restaurants are hooking up vegetables in such amazing ways, that any steak-loving person would take a break and go all vegetarian.

Having said that, here are the five best UK vegetarian restaurants that I found on Square Meal UK, which offer fully veg meals and even a few vegan options you can try out, effortlessly!

5 UK Restaurants That Serve Vegetarian Food

UK Restaurants That Serve Vegetarian Food

1. The Flying Duck, Glasgow

Glasgow’s calendar is always packed with a list of world-class festivals and events, be it the 2014 commonwealth games, to UEFA Euro 2020 – the city is magical. And even though Glasgow is famous for its seafood dishes, there are some amazing Vegetarian restaurants you can try here – The Flying Duck, being the best one.

Now, the name “The Flying Duck” might confuse you a bit, since it sounds meaty even though it’s all veggie – but it’s for a reason. The restaurant serves some of the best fingerlicking meat substitutes for people who love meat but want to go all vegetarian without missing the flavor.

Mac n cheese, and burgers are some of the best-selling dishes the restaurant serves. And apart from this, there’s an awesome cocktail bar, so that eaters can enjoy the great nightlife.

2. Alley Cafe, Nottingham

Nottingham castle is something you should not miss out on when you are in the city, and undoubtedly the curious stories of the great Robin Hood. The city is just too modern and creative and so are the vegetarian restaurants over here. One such best vegetarian restaurant you can visit is the Alley Cafe. 

The cafe was previously started out as a bar, but chefs over here ran miles to bring the best vegetarian meals to the diners’ table. From yummy salads, to burgers, the dishes available in this restaurant come with unique tastes of different cultures.

3. Van Gogh Cafe, London

From the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, to St Paul’s Cathedral – while in London, you can do just so much more, and stay for days, because the modern vibe the city holds, is just so amazing. And when we speak about vibes, we are even talking about the best restaurants here serving both awesome food and ambience.

Inspired by the famous artist, Van Gogh, the Van Gogh Cafe is a must-visit place for every vegetarian food lover in London. Not just the interiors, but the food that will be served on your plate, will be just so artistic to watch out for. 

The vegetarian menu here is incredibly awesome, and the best part, chefs over here are constantly evolving. So, if you have already visited Van Gogh Cafe, make sure to visit this place once more, because there’s always something new in the store.

Vegetarian food in UK restaurants

4. Cosy Club, Cardiff

Not just the castles, but Cardiff, the city as a whole has so much to offer to tourists – like fulfilling vegetarian meals. And one such place you can visit while in Cardiff is the Cosy Club. Just as the name suggests, the ambience of the place is super cosy, and the vegetarian food here is comforting as well. 

From home-cooked meals, to traditional vegetarian delicacies, you name it, and the Cosy Club menu has it all. We’ll recommend you to visit this place for breakfast, since you’ll find some great snacks and vegan options here.

5. Paradise Palms, Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh is undoubtedly a paradise on Earth, and so are the vegetarian dishes of Paradise Palms of Edinburgh. This UK restaurant has got some of the best ambiences for tourists who want to relax after watching the best places in the city.

The restaurant is all vegetarian, and the food you will get here will make you forget what meat actually tasted like. You can eat some exotic burgers here, and try out their salads. The interior of the restaurant is fun and vibrant, and to make the experience more memorable, there’s a live music corner here.

Wrapping up!

The list of best vegetarian UK restaurants just doesn’t end here, if you are in London, you can even give Malibu Kitchen At The Med a try; and if you are visiting Norwich, Namaste India wouldn’t fail you to give the best drools. Do give any of these restaurants a try once you are in the UK, and let us know how your all-vegetarian experience was in the land of meat lovers!

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